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What Is the Postman API Network?

The Postman API Network provides a central place for both API consumers and API producers to easily discover, explore, and share APIs.

The Postman API Network has two parts: a public network and a private network. The Postman Public API Network is open to the entire API community, while the Postman Private API Network is for your team only.

Public API Network

The Postman Public API Network: A global directory of thousands of public APIs

Postman has a worldwide community of 20 million developers, and the Public API Network is this community’s go-to place to discover, explore, and share APIs.

  • There are more than 2,000 APIs (and more than 5,000 API templates that help you explore new uses of popular APIs) hosted on the Public API Network.

  • APIs and API templates are organized into categories for easy discovery. You can also use the network’s search functionality if you're looking for something specific.

  • You can get started with an API with one click by using the Run in Postman button.

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Public API Network

The Postman Private API Network: Your team's source of truth for published APIs

The Private API Network is your team's central hub to discover and publish APIs privately (i.e., only available to your team or organization). It's the single source of truth where your team can:

  • Find the APIs that they need to work with

  • Discover new APIs that are approved for use by your organization

  • Stay up to date with the latest versions of every API

  • Organize APIs in multi-level folder structures that reflects your team or workflow needs

Whether you're a producer or consumer, when you're using the Private API Network there's no need to dig into old emails or Slack channels (or ping countless colleagues) to find the API you're looking for. You can even launch Postman's API Builder right from the Private API Network and start working immediately.

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