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Postman leads the way in the API-first universe. Postman’s API Development Environment is used by 10+ million developers and more than 500,000 companies to access 250+ million APIs every month.

A taste of our scale: We handle over 100+ million requests per day, and store over 10TB of data across our 30+ micro-services, and our desktop app is used by over 6 million users, with over 600,000 users active every day.

About the Team

Server foundation team is one of the foundational teams which enable the rest of the organization to function optimally.

Ever wondered how Postman handles web-sockets at scale or connects and manages various micro-services across the board? This is the team where all this magic happens.

To put things in perspective, we solve core engineering challenges for the whole organization ranging from enabling deployments at a faster rate to creating core services for storage, network and compute.

This position reports to one of our Engineering Managers.


  1. Work on the core technical challenges at Postman such as building an API gateway

  2. Own the maturity of existing systems and define / derive initiatives to improve upon the same

  3. Be a co-owner of the availability and performance of Postman as a whole and help us reach the next level

  4. Help us scale the technical foundation for an ever increasing organization size

  5. Be the mentor for people around you


  1. 4-10 years of experience solving core technical challenges

  2. Experience with Linux and Docker

  3. Strong fundamentals in AWS, or a comparable PaaS Cloud

  4. Programming experience in a high-level language (Node.js, Go, Python, Ruby, etc)


We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits. What you will also get to experience is a company that believes in autonomous small teams for maximum impact; that strives for organizational growth to align with that of the individual; that continuously and purposefully builds an inclusive culture where everyone is able to do and be the best version of themselves and where ideas are encouraged from anyone and everyone. We seek people who naturally demonstrate our values, who not only understand the challenge but can also solve this for the rest of the world. Be a part of something big.

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