Using Postman Pro from the beginning at AMC Theatres

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AMC Theatres is headquartered in the Kansas City area, where their API Platform and Ecommerce team is located. AMC Theatres is a .NET shop, currently with 12 developers, and they use a REST architecture for their partner and private APIs.

AMC Theatres is the customer experience leader, running the most productive movie theatres in top markets around the U.S., and serving approximately 200 million guests each year with industry leading guest satisfaction ratings.


12 developers



Postman Pro from the beginning

The AMC Theatres team began using Postman Pro very shortly after it became available, in early 2016. Members of the engineering team were long time users of the Postman’s free app, and they were eager to try the extended features of Postman Pro.

Since then, the API Platform and Ecommerce team has started using Postman Collections to document their partner and private APIs.

A complete toolchain for API development

The AMC Theatres API and Ecommerce team manages and maintains hundreds of endpoints across many APIs and environments. Postman Pro provides a complete toolchain for the team to easily share API requests, variables, and environment templates both across and among teams

Prior to buying Postman Pro, the team cobbled together several unconnected tools and manual processes to cover the same functionality. WIth Postman Pro, however, the team uses the Postman Collection as the standard format for the API.

As the AMC Theatres team works on a new service, endpoints get added to a shared Postman Collection, where other teams and team members can access them. This allows a quick reference to all the endpoints in every system, across all development environments.

Postman Pro is a great tool that enables team collaboration. The sharing capabilities help make onboarding new developers and partners a much easier process.

Ian Joyce Director, API Platform & Ecommerce

Postman Pro for collaboration and communication

The AMC Theatres team can share a Postman Collection and API documentation with developers and partners who might not be familiar with a specific part of the API functionality, empowering them to review it quickly and get started right away.

Like many development teams, AMC uses Postman Pro to save developer time, but more importantly, to encourage communication and collaboration, making everyone’s work life easier.

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