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We are excited to have you join us for an Intergalactic session of training and workshop exploration. We have put together this list of resources to help you prepare for the session so we can get straight into the content of the session.

Registering for an Intergalactic session, or watching a recording of a past session, will presume that you have reviewed this material so you are ready to begin.

We have instructions below for Beginner level and Intermediate level sessions. If you have registered for a beginner-level session, follow those instructions. If you have registered for an intermediate-level session, it would be a good idea to review the beginner-level instructions as well as following any intermediate-level instructions below.

Typical Session Guidelines

These are some guidelines and procedures we have put in place for our online Intergalactic sessions:

  1. Attendees are muted so only the instructors are speaking
  2. Ask lots of questions! We encourage participants to ask questions as often as they like, using the “Q&A” button within Zoom. Leaving questions in the general chat area may not be seen by our moderation team. Moderators will do their best to answer your questions in order, but may delay an answer for one of two reasons:
    1. The instructors are about to share that information in the session
    2. Instructors would like to answer your question during the Q&A portion of the session at the end
  3. A recording will be shared. By registering for the session with Zoom, you will receive an email with a link to the recording. We also put our sessions on our YouTube channel for you to review afterward.
  4. Surveys and polls are part of the experience. We find it extremely helpful to know a bit about you as a participant in the session, so we might have some live polls during the session to ask about your experience level. A survey URL will be shared at the end of the session for you to provide feedback about the session itself. We read every single response, and use it to improve Postman Intergalactic.
  5. It’s a good idea to be logged into Postman. Most sessions and workshops will have a workspace and collection to build (instructions on that are below) and you will need to be logged in to do most of the work. If your organization does not permit being logged into Postman with work credentials, we encourage you to use a personal email address or GitHub account to register as these sessions are meant to be very interactive.

Beginner-Level Sessions

The beginner-level sessions are meant for people who are new to Postman or have less than one year of experience with Postman. We may also introduce new product features as a beginner-level session even if that feature is part of something that would usually be considered a more advanced topic.

  1. Register a user account and log into your Postman account. This is so you can save your progress to the Postman servers to synchronize from any system you use to log in to Postman. We provide 3 ways to sign up for a Postman account:
    1. Provide an email address, username and password
    2. Using Google OAuth
    3. Using your company’s existing single-sign on (SSO) address
  2. Create a new Workspace to use for the session. You may call this whatever you like, but it should be unique to your user account, and it’s up to you if you want to make it a “private” workspace, or something your team can see.
  3. Learn how to “fork” a collection. We will commonly ask participants to fork a collection or two as part of the session.

Intermediate-Level Sessions

Our intermediate-level sessions presume that you have some experience with Postman already, and will generally work at a quicker pace. Here are some things to review:

  1. Learn how to import an OpenAPI (or Swagger) specification file into the API Builder. This will commonly be the starting point for our intermediate sessions.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Postman testing library methods.
  3. Know how to set up a basic monitor within Postman.
  4. Learn about some of the more common integrations that you can do with Postman.

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