The 2020 Postman Galaxy Tour Recap

Keynote Presentation

Postman’s co-founder and CEO, Abhinav Asthana, delivered the keynote presentation at the Galaxy Tour’s first stop in San Francisco. The presentation theme was “Welcome to the API-First Decade,” and Abhinav took the attendees through Postman’s evolution from an API testing tool that he built as a side project to the complete API development platform that Postman is today. He also gave an exclusive sneak-peek into what’s coming up on Postman’s roadmap. We’ve included the video of Abhinav’s presentation here; you can view his slides at the link below.

View the Slides

Welcome to Memory Lane

Below is the full list of dates and cities for the 2020 Postman Galaxy Tour, along with regularly updated photos from the events. (Take a look. You might even be in one of the photos.)

  • 02/06San Francisco

  • 02/19Los Angeles

  • 03/03Dublin

  • 03/05Berlin

  • PostponedToronto

  • PostponedMadrid

  • PostponedStockholm

  • PostponedSão Paulo

  • PostponedWashington DC

  • PostponedAmsterdam

  • PostponedMexico City

  • PostponedParis

  • PostponedNew York

  • PostponedLondon

  • PostponedChicago

  • PostponedBengaluru

  • PostponedSeattle

  • PostponedAustin