Reduce friction in your API lifecycle

Eliminate potential errors by creating a hub for your team to work efficiently on your API. The v10 Basic Plan gives you access to world-class benefits designed to help your business grow.

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Centralizing team efforts pays off

Whether it's for onboarding, an API demo, or an engineering style guide, create a source of truth for your team inside a workspace.

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Faster onboarding

Toast's engineering team reports 60% faster new hires onboarding thanks to Postman Workspaces. Lightspeed also reports 20% faster new developer onboarding.

Faster testing

Extend reports speeding up testing by 60 minutes per day using Postman for greater cross-team collaboration and heightened process automation.

Faster development

Goibibo reports a 10% improvement in team efficiency because of automated testing, and centralized test cases across various microservices.

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Monitors never {REST}

Be at the top of your game and get alerted to any system outages or test failures so that you can identify and address issues before your API's consumers are affected.

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More integrations, less friction

Integrations are a great way to maintain consistency and stay connected. Whether you're running automated tests in a CI/CD pipeline or iterating with teammates on source code repositories, make sure to get the proper integration so your team is notified of the latest updates.

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Frequently asked questions

How to change my team size?

  1. Go to Billing and stay on the Overview tab inside Plan and payments.
  2. Select Edit plan.
  3. Under Number of paid seats, enter the number of seats you need for your team.
  4. Select Immediately or On renewal depending on when you want to apply these changes.
    Note: If you decrease the team size, the changes made can only be applied on renewal.
  5. Select Next and confirm the changes.

I need the Billing role to access payment details.

You are experiencing one of the following issues
  • I am unable to access the billing overview.
  • I am unable to update the billing information.
  • I need to transfer the Billing role to another user in our Postman team but the only user with the Billing role left the company.
  • I removed the Billing role from my user account by mistake. Our team is left without any Billing role.
  • I want to manage the plans and payments of my team.
What to expect
  • Billing roles can only be granted by a fellow team member with a Billing role or by a Super Admin (Enterprise plans only).
  • Admin members cannot manage the plans and payments of the team.
Unblock yourself

If someone in your team either has the Billing role or a Super Admin role, request them to update your role from Manage Team.

If no one in your team has the Billing role or a Super Admin role, submit a support request and we will do it for you. To help us confirm your identity, make sure you provide the following information in your support request:

  • A copy of your invoice or previous receipt number or your current Postman team URL.
  • The email address of the user that should be assigned the Billing role.

How to cancel my Postman subscription?

  1. Go to Billing.
  2. Go to Plan and Payments and select the Overview tab.
  3. Select Cancel plan at the bottom.

Note: You can only cancel a plan if you have the Billing or Super Admin role.

How to update the company email?

The Company email is the email address where all billing communication will be emailed. To update it, go to your Team > Billing > Invoices > Edit billing information.

Note: This action can only be performed by a team member who has the Billing role or the Super Admin role. If no one in your Postman team has either the Billing or the Super Admin role, submit a support request so we can update the billing email on your behalf.

Please provide the information below so that we can confirm your identity.

  • A copy of your invoice or previous receipt number or your current Postman team URL.
  • The email address that needs to be set up for the billing email.