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A new way to imagine and interact with APIs.

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Postman Flows is a visual tool to create API applications. You can use Flows to chain requests, handle data and create real-world workflows within your Postman workspace. Flows enable users to visually express the logic of applications or the flow of data from start to finish and be up and running in no time!

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Postman Flows gives you building blocks and a visual canvas to build applications on. You can use your favorite requests from any Collection within your Postman Workspace or the millions of public Collections on the Postman Public API Network and string them together using simple (or complex) logic and then run them with the click of a button. Every Postman Flow has a URL you can call to run the Flow or use the Flow URL as an incoming webhook to receive data and process it.

Postman Flows overview

Read the docs on how to get started with Flows.

Example Flows

Fork example Flows to get a jumpstart on using them in your workspace.

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Postmanaut at laborary bench. Illustration.