The Postman Open Philosophy

Postman was founded on a straightforward premise: we wanted to simplify each step of building an API so developers could create better APIs—faster. From the very beginning, we open-sourced the Postman Runtime, Postman Collection Format, and our SDKs to allow developers the flexibility to work with APIs in any environment or workflow.

Postman has always believed in open dialogue with our community; we continuously make improvements and add new features based on feedback from our community of more than 10 million developers.

We are transparent with our roadmaps, we constantly communicate our issues, and we support all major API specifications.

That's the Postman Open Philosophy.

But it's more than just a philosophy. We put our commitment to openness into practice every day. Below, you'll find details on a selection of these real-world efforts and projects.

Open Source at Postman

Our Open Source Projects

Postman regularly creates (and constantly improves) open-source projects on GitHub.

Open Projects We Love

We consistently use best-of-breed technologies including key open source projects.

  • We Use Open Source Projects

    The Postman platform and websites actively use SailsJS, Gatsby, Electron, Handlebars, and more.

  • We Support Open Source Projects

    The Postman platform supports the Gatsby and Bootstrap communities.

  • We Contribute to Open Source Projects

    Postman actively works to contribute back to projects and foster contributions—especially from developers just starting out.

Featured Projects We Use

Open Specifications We Love

Postman Open Dependencies

Postman relies on the contributions of the open-source community, and we’ve created a web page where you can view the license information for all third-party dependencies used by Postman.

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How We're Protecting Your Postman API Keys in GitHub

Developers contribute code to open source projects in GitHub every day; unfortunately, during this process sometimes security credentials are shared by accident. So Postman has implemented a new token-scanning service in GitHub that will send you a notification if you accidentally commit a Postman API key to a public repository. This gives you a chance to respond quickly before there’s any unauthorized access your data.

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