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Talk: “Making App Developers More Productive”

Talk: “Making App Developers More Productive”

SQL Queries that are turned into data apis, which can be executed from a dedicated REST endpoint.

Nadine Farah, Senior Developer Advocate at Rockset

Nadine Farah

Senior Developer Advocate


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Fri Oct 09 2020

API 101: SOAP vs. REST

By: Kin Lane

There’s a lot of talk within the application programming interface (API) industry about SOAP vs. REST that makes for a lively debate. Back in 2000, when the World Wide Web (WWW) was maturing and spreading across almost every sector, both approaches to developing APIs were also emerging. But while SOAP APIs quickly gained momentum with developers,…

Fri Aug 28 2020

API 101: What Is a REST API?

By: Kin Lane

REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is a software architectural style that developers apply to web application programming interfaces (APIs). (Learn more fundamentals in our What Is an API? and What Is a SOAP API? posts.) REST APIs are the most common APIs used across the web today because the REST pattern provides simple, uniform interfaces. These…

Thu Jul 09 2020

API 101: Learning with REST API Examples in Postman’s New Public Collection

By: Kin Lane

APIs come in many shapes and sizes, which can make it pretty difficult for newcomers to understand what they are and how they can be used. At Postman we enjoy working with APIs. Seriously. We do. We believe APIs can be used for fun and for business. To help illustrate how we see the world…