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This year’s Galaxy conference includes multiple tracks with top brains from top companies, and they’ll be diving into advanced Postman use cases and thought leadership in collaboration, API testing and automation, API design and architecture, developer experience, DevOps, and innovations in API development.


Tuesday, Feb. 2

Hands-on workshops

These are an exclusive, only-at-Postman-Galaxy opportunity to become a Postman expert by learning about Postman from the people who created it. (Note: Workshops have limited capacity, and slots are expected to sell out quickly.)

9:00AM-11:00AM PST

“Leveraging Automation” Workshop

Learn how to build tests into your collections and leverage automation in your API workflows.

John Banning, Solutions Engineer at Postman.

John Banning

Solutions Engineer


Valentin Despa, Software Developer and Developer Educator

Valentin Despa

Software Developer & Educator

9:00AM-11:00AM PST

“APIs 101” Workshop

Get hands-on in Postman to get familiar with API fundamentals. You'll learn to build and send requests using a variety of common configurations.

Sowmya Rajan, Technical Writer at Postman.

Sowmya Rajan

Technical Writer


Vu Nguyen, Product Advocate at Postman.

Vu Nguyen

Product Advocate


9:00AM-11:00AM PST

Student Workshop, Part 1

Part 1 of the student workshop will get you started with the essential skills involved in building and testing API requests in Postman.

12:00PM–2:00PM PST

“Working with APIs in an API-First Lifecycle” Workshop

Walk through the API-first workflow, using OpenAPI specification for robust design, development, testing, and observability of your service.

Yi-An Tseng, Customer Success Engineer at Postman.

Yi-An Tseng

Customer Success Engineer


Kevin Swiber, Lead Solutions Engineer at Postman.

Kevin Swiber

Lead Solutions Engineer


12:00PM–2:00PM PST

“Optimize Adoption for Your APIs” Workshop

Learn how to build a demo to increase adoption and engagement for your consumer-facing API product.

Harsha Chelle, Customer Success Manager at Postman.

Harsha Chelle

Customer Success Manager


Matt Ball, Solutions Engineer at Postman.

Matt Ball

Solutions Engineer


12:00PM–2:00PM PST

Student Workshop, Part 2

Part 2 of the student workshop will improve your proficiency in a wider range in Postman capabilities.

Main conference, day 1

Wednesday, Feb. 3

Keynotes, breakout sessions, and technical talks

9:00-10:45AM PST

Postman Keynote

Abhinav, the co-founder of Postman, will be joined by Silicon Valley icon and co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak for a live Q&A.

Abhinav Asthana, CEO and co-founder at Postman

Abhinav Asthana

Postman CEO

Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-founder

Steve Wozniak

Apple Co-founder

Panel: “DevOps, Test, and Automation”

Get tips for testing, continuous integration, and other kinds of automation via Postman’s Newman, monitors, collection runner, and more.

Talk: “Type Safety in an Unsafe World with Kotlin”

Kotlin is a type-safe language that can make working with less-stable APIs a hassle. However, it can also be quite enjoyable. See how.

Cody Engel, Staff Software Engineer at PayPal

Cody Engel

Staff Software Engineer


Fireside with Atlassian: “How to Build and Deploy Services in the Cloud”

Learn how to choose the right patterns for building services at scale in terms of tech stacks, OSS, and built-in helpers.

Robert Krohn, Head of Engineering, DevOps at Atlassian

Robert Krohn

Head of Engineering, DevOps


Sean McCullough Engineering Manager, DevOps at Atlassian

Sean McCullough

Engineering Manager, DevOps


Lightning Talk: “3D Visualization Using Three.js”

Get details on how to use Postman’s data-visualization feature to create interactive 3D views that can enhance your users’ experience.

Karan Balkar, Team Lead at LTI

Karan Balkar

Team Lead


Talk: “Automated Processes for Even Better APIs”

Learn how API gateways, the DevOps approach, and the CAMS model can help you automate (and improve) the development process of APIs.

Daniel Kocot, API Expert / Senior Solutions Architect at Codecentric

Daniel Kocot

API Expert / Senior Solutions Architect


Talk: “Why APIs Call for 2x the DevOps”

We’ll look at customers in three different industries who scaled their DevOps workflow and see how that impacted their APIs and more.

Emmelyn Wang, Global Lead, DevOps, AWS Marketplace at AWS

Emmelyn Wang

Global Lead, DevOps, AWS Marketplace


Main conference, day 2

Thursday, Feb. 4

Keynotes, breakout sessions, and technical talks

Panel: “What's New in Developer Tools?”

Some of our favorite tools come together in this lively debate around challenges and trends in building tools for the developer community.

Yonas Beshawred Founder & CEO at StackShare

Yonas Beshawred

Founder & CEO


Phil Sturgeon, Architect at Stoplight.io

Phil Sturgeon



Alianna Inzana, Senior Director, Product Management at SmartBear

Alianna Inzana

Senior Director, Product Management


Greg Koberger, Founder at ReadMe

Greg Koberger



Kevin Swiber, Lead Solutions Engineer at Postman.

Kevin Swiber

Lead Solutions Engineer


Panel: “API Security for Enterprises”

This panel will examine multiple solutions for mitigating risk and reducing your attack surface in modern enterprise API architectures.

Panel: “The Future of GraphQL”

Let’s imagine the future of GraphQL and the role it will play in an API landscape of legacy SOAP, mainstay REST, and other alternatives.

Talk: “Make Sure Your Tests Fail”

Making sure your tests fail is important for effective testing, so we’ll look at examples of badly written tests and why they don't work.

Valentin Despa, Software Developer and Developer Educator

Valentin Despa

Software Developer & Educator

Talk: “Writing Docs Worth Reading: Using Data to Create Effective and Empathetic Developer Docs”

See how Datadog uses Google Analytics, Hotjar, Postman, and Datadog itself to understand how people use Datadog’s documentation.

Kaylyn Sigler, Team Lead - Documentation at Datadog

Kaylyn Sigler

Team Lead, Documentation


Talk: “Writing Docs Is a Chore: How Generating Collections Reclaimed Our Time”

See how MTNA generated documentation in minutes using MTNA’s Rich Data Services platform, Postman Collections, Newman, and the Postman API.

Andrew DeCarlo, Software Developer at Metadata Technology North America

Andrew DeCarlo

Software Developer

Metadata Technology North America

1:30-2:00PM PST

Fireside Chat with Dr. Ellen Ochoa

Ellen Ochoa, a trailblazing astronaut and former director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, will share her galactic perspectives with you.

Dr. Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut, Nasa

Dr. Ellen Ochoa



Nick Tran, VP of Marketing, Postman

Nick Tran

VP of Marketing


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