Postman Live Insights

Automatically discover and monitor production APIs. No code changes or SDKs required.

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Stay up to date with Live Insights

Keep your API requests and elements in Postman up to date with production.

Automatically build collections from API traffic

Create collections by simply allowing Live Insights to watch traffic—without needing to install SDKs or make code changes.

Keep up with the pace of development

Automatically discover new endpoints to add to your collection. Use an always up-to-date collection as your central source of truth to better serve your end users.

Debug faster with detailed insights

Stop wondering which APIs are in use and which ones are throwing errors. As long as the APIs are in production, you can keep track of them with Live Insights.

Benefits of Live Insights

Easy setup

Get automatic endpoint suggestions for your collections in as little as 30 minutes.

Simplified maintenance

Your collections automatically stay up to date as your APIs grow.

Increased visibility

Discover endpoints you might not know about or don't have the time to document—without relying on others to communicate with you explicitly.

Join the waitlist

If you'd like to try out Live Insights, please let us know and we'll keep you posted.

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