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Building an API Catalog

Give your team optimal visibility into your APIs, a central catalog that's visible only to your team or organization. Postman's evolution of the API catalog supports versioning, which helps you maintain control and manage multiple versions of your APIs in the network. In addition, your APIs can be organized into hierarchical folders to mirror your organizational needs.

Postman's API Network. Image.

Key features


Postman's search capabilities can help you search through your entire API repository to instantly find APIs, collections, documentation, tests, or workspaces.

Public API network

Postman's Public API Network is the world's largest public API hub. Through it, you can easily share your organization's public APIs through public workspaces as well as discover thousands of public APIs from companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google.

Role-based access

Enables you to give the right members of your team access to the right APIs, tools, and data.

With Postman, you can:

  • Unify knowledge

    Postman provides a cloud-based, version-controlled, centralized repository for all API artifacts throughout the entire API lifecycle

  • Cross-enterprise collaboration

    API stakeholders can learn about the API, engage with other API consumers, and collaborate around API enhancements

  • Reduce onboarding time

    Developers can discover and reuse APIs as they onboard and build new products and services

  • Maintain enterprise standards and postures

    Easily discover specification standards, governance and security postures, and tests—sall within a single location

Postmanaut checking list. Illustration.

Process within the Postman platform

Building an API Catalog. Diagram.

With Postman, it's easy for developers to discover and work with APIs. After a developer is onboarded, he or she can search across private, public, or partner networks to identify APIs they want to work with. Private APIs are confined within an enterprise, while partner APIs are used in Partner Workspaces to collaborate with external parties. Public APIs are available to the world. Stakeholders can explore workspaces and collections associated with an API to see its code, read documentation, access test scenarios, and begin developing with the API. This is all done within Postman's enterprise-grade platform, which has embedded audit logs, version control, identify management, and more.

See Postman Networks in Action:

Discover collections

Discover organized API requests and elements. Collections on the network are presented as human-readable API documentation with dynamic examples and machine-readable instructions.

Scheduling collection runs. GIF.

Forking collections

Users can fork collections directly from the Private or Public API Network, making it easier to dive right in and try things out.

Forking collections. GIF.

Review collections

Easily Approve APIs before adding them to the Private API Network.

Review collections. GIF.

Learn more


Twitter grows its developer ecosystem with Postman and the Postman API Network.


WhatsApp prioritizes quality developer experiences with Postman.

Exploratory: Public API Network

Postman Public API Network—the largest API hub in the world. Find featured teams and workspaces, explore public profiles, and fork a collection to start consuming a public API.

Private API Network

With the Private API Network, teams can effectively distribute and integrate with APIs across their organization.

Set up an API definition

Learn how you can set up your API definition in different ways.

Improved Internal API Discovery with the Redesigned Private API Network

Learn more about the search and discoverability features within the Postman Private API Network.

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