Postman Security Features

Security capabilities that give you control and insight on your Postman team and its data.

Postmanaut showing A P I platform graphic. Illustration.


Postman understands how vital your data security is to you, which means it's important to us. As a result, we maintain a security-first culture across our organization, ensuring safety is at the core of how we innovate our products and services.

We want you to feel confident while using Postman—whether that's through our desktop or web application. We continuously follow current industry security standards. We give you clear information about security best practices, governance controls, and how to implement them in Postman. And we also enable you to set and customize security controls that best fit your organization's compliance needs.

Postman offers several security features to secure accounts, users, and data, whether you're part of a small team or a large company with enterprise-grade security needs.

This document highlights those features and how you can use them.

It is a technical resource for people interested in the security capabilities in Postman.

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