Getting Ahead of Engineering

Peter Durlacher


Solutions Engineer

Brian Thompson


Technical Support and Solutions Engineering Manager

EasyPost is a platform for shippers and marketplaces to integrate with various shipping carriers through an easy-to-use JSON API. We have had to build out integrations with over 100 carriers, decrypting varied frameworks for shipping APIs, converting XML to and from the carriers back to intelligible JSON objects that are easily actionable by our customers. For each of these integrations, there are a number of hurdles we overcame: mapping values and workflows between our framework and the carrier's, crafting a test suite to verify functionality, and documenting the services supported by the carrier and that we support in the integration. Between Postman's collections, tests, and documentation functionality, we've been able to get ahead of engineering to avoid pitfalls that stop engineering for weeks at a time. The audience will learn how to utilize Postman to get ahead of their engineering team and use Postman's simple HTTP interface to prep API integrations, verify their functionality, and document example calls for the integration. By the end of this talk, you should understand how to optimize your engineering resources and maintenance of information by utilizing Postman's robust feature set.

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