Building Cloud-agnostic Serverless APIs

Eric Swildens


Co-Founder and Chief Architect

The serverless movement represents a paradigm shift in our ability to create impressive, scalable web applications and services. Redesigning how triggers can generate and execute events can be an extremely cost-effective solution for microservices and large projects alike. Why serverless? It's less complex, scales easily, and usually costs less. The challenge today is that you may be creating these functions specific to a cloud vendor's API gateway, rather than creating the functions that are most reliable and useful. In this session, you will learn how to create a cloud-agnostic serverless execution backend for your APIs. We will show you how to use Postman APIs with Nimbella's tooling so you have cloud-agnostic runtime environment that can run in any cloud, including private infrastructure when required. If you are building scalable web applications that you want to deploy on any cloud or private cloud, this is a must-attend session.

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