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April 30 - May 1, 2024 · San Francisco, CA


Postman Galaxy highlights

Thanks to our community for a stellar event.

Postman Galaxy highlights with Dr Ellen Ochoa, Steve Wozniak and Abhinav Asthana.

What is Postman Galaxy?

Postman Galaxy is the global, virtual API conference. Over 26,000 professionals from across the API universe came together for three days in February 2021 to learn about, see, and dig into all things API. A few highlights:

  • More than 100 out-of-this-world sessions and discussions covering every aspect of APIs

  • Networking with the greatest minds and most enthusiastic API fans in the world

  • Only-at-Postman Galaxy activities, including exclusive workshops and the Postman API Hack winners' ceremony

On-demand sessions, talks, and panels

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Postman Keynote: Abhinav Asthana

Abhinav, the Co-founder and CEO of Postman, presents the opening Keynote address and demos exciting new tech.

Fireside Chat with Woz

Steve Wozniak, Silicon Valley icon and co-founder of Apple, will share his interstellar perspectives with you.

Panel: “DevOps, Test, and Automation”

If you haven't played around with Newman, monitors, or the collection runner in Postman, this is one you won't want to miss.

Lightning Talk: “3D Data Visualization Using Three.js”

Get details on how to use Postman's data-visualization feature to create interactive 3D views that can enhance your users' experience.

Talk: “Developers Are Pioneers Not Unicorns: Postman and the Interface Economy”

How Postman replaces people to people information transfers with information transfers through constrained interfaces.

Talk: “Automated Processes for Even Better APIs”

Learn how API gateways, the DevOps approach, and the CAMS model can help you automate (and improve) the development process of APIs.

Talk: “Designing Secure APIs in the Cloud”

Services are exposed on the Internet and can be accessed by anyone and may have untrusted users.

Partner Talk: “Sharing APIs at Scale for a Great Developer Experience”

Leverage Postman resources to handle enterprise software challenges.

Partner Talk: “Building Better Online Games with Postman”

Release new features rapidly while maintaining backward compatibilities.

Postman Talk: “Full API Lifecycle Management”

Managing the API lifecycle while working with a team.

Postman for Enterprises

Understand how API-first enterprises are using Postman to evolve IT and business. Learn how to think about API lifecycle management while ensuring security, compliance, and governance of your APIs.

Postman Talk: Postman Admin 101

Walk through the basics of Postman administration and how you can make the most of the key Admin role.

Lightning Talk: “Upgrade Your Collections”

Practical documentation techniques to take your collection to the next level.

Talk: “The Future of API Specifications”

The creator of the asyncapi Initiative and a long-term user of openapi and JSON Schema provides insights on the future API specs landscape.

Talk: “Why You Need a Developer Relations Team for Your API”

Providing community, documentation, tutorials and tools with DevRel Anna Tsolakou.

Talk: “Using OpenAPI Files to Generate API Contract Tests With Newman”

Automatically convert your OpenAPI or Swagger doc into a Postman contract test using an automated script.

Talk: “Making App Developers More Productive”

Learn about SQL queries that are turned into data APIs, which can be executed from a dedicated REST endpoint.

Partner Talk: “Securing your APIs at scale”

We will walk through some common attack vectors to help increase awareness of potential threats including a demo that uses Postman.

Partner Talk: “Get Organized for Postman Testing Success”

Manage your workspaces, collections, and more, according to your organizational pattern.

Postman Talk: “Automation, Integration, and Orchestration for Better Engineering Operations”

Automate your API testing with test scripts and integration with CI/CD pipeline.

Postman Platform Overview: “Be API-First, Not API-Last”

The Postman API Platform lets you embrace API-first software development and transform into an API-first business. In this talk, you'll get an exclusive overview of the accelerating global shift toward API-first development and understand how Postman can help you get there.

Lightning Talk: “Type Safety in an Unsafe World with Kotlin”

Kotlin is a type-safe language that can make working with less-stable APIs a hassle. However, it can also be quite enjoyable. See how.

Fireside Chat: “How to Build and Deploy Services in the Cloud”

Choosing the right patterns for building services at scale.

Talk: “All Clouds Need a Sprinkle of Chaos”

We'll discuss cloud-native complexity and how you can leverage chaos engineering throughout your development lifecycle to help simplify that complexity.

Lightning Talk: “Postman Visualizer: More Than Meets the Eye”

Examples of how you can create your own “micro” web apps with the visualizer.

Talk: “Why APIs Call for 2xs the DevOps”

We'll look at customers in three different industries who scaled their DevOps workflow and see how that impacted their APIs and more.

Talk: “Leveraging Postman Collections to Facilitate Security Services Interactions”

How we leverage Postman Collections and Monitors to create a new integration between Uptycs and Opsgenie.

Partner Talk: “Teaching the Elephant to Fly”

API-based integrations in the auto industry.

Postman Talk: “Public Workspaces: The Massively Multiplayer API Experience”

The ultimate quest of improving every API and the experience of that API's consumers.

Postman Talk: “Integrations: Extending Workflows Beyond Postman”

Integrate Postman with your existing software development tooling and streamline your API development efforts. This session covers existing integrations and a few upcoming ones that we're excited about.

Postman Talk: “Orchestrating API Programs for your team”

Managing API workflows within teams has unique challenges. Teams need to maintain multiple versions of an API, assign and control ownership and permissions, and ensure seamless collaboration. An admins role here is to define, structure, and manage this environment.

Lightning Talk: “Cisco DevNet Runs Developer Education”

Cisco's developer program helps every user achieve their first meaningful interaction with a Cisco API.

Keynote: “Building Kroger's first billion dollar platform startup”

Sanjiv Karani, Head of Kroger's Platform Domain Product Group will share his team's unique journey into building Kroger's successful API program. He will reurlSlug his team's key successes and learnings along the way.

Postman Talk: “Leveraging Postman for Security Testing”

Collections and monitors for secure cloud infrastructure services.

Postman Talk: “Public Workspaces: Amplify Your API Engagement”

Workspaces are at heart of organizing your API projects and working with team members.

Postman Talk: “Consumer-Driven Contract Testing With Postman”

CDC testing to maintain growing microservices stacks.

Postman Talk: “Response Visualizations in Postman”

How to visualize data as well as take a tour of our favorite collections.

Postman Keynote: “Building the API-first Organization”

Postman Co-founder Ankit Sobti, who is presently the company's Chief Technology Officer, will take you on an exclusive deep dive into Postman's technology.

Panel: “What's New in Developer Tools?”

Some of our favorite tools come together in this lively debate around challenges and trends in building tools for the developer community.

Talk: “Writing Docs Worth Reading: Using Data to Create Effective and Empathetic Developer Docs”

How we created an automated workflow to generate our documentation in minutes.

Talk: “Testing Your APIs: Postman, Newman, and Beyond”

API testing means taking an “outside-in” approach to writing and executing those tests.

Fireside Chat: “API Security for Enterprises”

How is API security and threat protection different for large-scale enterprises? This intimate discussion tackles challenges and offers solutions for mitigating risk and reducing your attack surface in modern architectures. Well-known breaches such as Parler or Starbucks are used to illustrate some of the key challenges faced by enterprises when protecting APIs.

Lightning Talk: “Easy Integration Testing Using Postman and Newman”

In this session, we'll cover the ups and downs of designing an enterprise system that requires massive data correlation and runs on multiple platforms, using Postman across the API lifecycle with multiple teams.

Postman Talk: “Collaboration and Productivity: The Missing Links in API Development”

How you can enhance productivity of your teams with Postman.

Postman Talk: “The Postman API Development Environment”

Postman allows you design, develop, test, and monitor APIs. This talk will provide an overview of the interfaces, runtime, and variables.

Partner Talk: “Integrating API Security Testing into Postman Lifecycle”

Learn about security vulnerabilities impacting APIs.

Postman Talk: “State of the API: Insights into the Future”

There are some surprises waiting for you when we go through the largest and most comprehensive survey of the API industry.

Panel: “How do people find and use technology?”

Learn how APIs—along with tools for empowering users—are changing the technology-discovery game, and what's most important in building awareness, onboarding, and retention for your technology.

Panel: “Postman Collections as Part of Your Developer Experience”

Authors of public Postman Collections share tips and insights for optimizing the educational experience for new and experienced users.

Talk: “Testing in Production”

At the end of the day, we don't care if your features work in staging, we care if they work in production.

Talk: “Turn on the Lights”

Learn how to tap into what your employer sees using Postman + osquery, an open source API for asking questions about devices like laptops, servers, and Docker containers.

Panel: “The Future of GraphQL”

Industry leaders and practitioners come together to imagine the future of GraphQL, and the role this technology plays in an API landscape of legacy SOAP, mainstay REST, and other alternatives.

Talk: “API Security with Postman and Qualys”

With the release of Postman Collection support in Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS), anyone with a Postman Collection can perform API security scans by simply uploading a file.

Talk: “API Governance in an Anti-Governance World”

Governance is often seen as a dirty word. However, good governance processes can provide superior control and protection with minimal impact to the development team. In this session, we'll cover good governance practices, from designing APIs to linting, validation, and control.

Postman Talk: “Search and Discovery With Postman's Public and Private API Networks”

How to publish and search Postman workspaces.

Postman Talk: “The Economic Benefits of the Postman API Platform”

The economic benefits that organizations can expect by adopting Postman for their API programs

Talk: “Make Sure Your Tests Fail”

Walk through badly written tests and see why they don't work as expected.

Lightning Talk: “Automating Ecommerce using Postman and BigCommerce”

Automate the creation of a BigCommerce catalog using a collection curated for Postman. This collection will contain the automation and testing code snippets you need to get started, and you'll see your storefront come to life before your eyes using the test runner.

Talk: “Dynamic Test Generation with Open API Specification 3.0”

In this presentation, participants will learn how to dynamically generate tests from the OpenAPI Specification in Postman using the Postman API.

Postman Talk: “Driving Pipeline Automation with Newman and the Postman API”

Strategies for integrating Postman workflows in your CI/CD pipelines.

Talk: “Why Devs Struggle with Application and API Security”

StackHawk CSO Scott Gerlach shares DevSecOps practices and tools at companies such as GoDaddy, SendGrid, and Twilio. Learn why developers struggle with AppSec.

Talk: “Low-Code: It's Also for Developers”

The low-code software ecosystem is taking off. See how low-code products can fit into your own toolbox, and how companies like Slack design low-code products with developers in mind.

Talk: "Writing Docs Is a Chore: How Generating Collections Reclaimed Our Time"

See how MTNA generated documentation in minutes using MTNA's Rich Data Services platform, Postman Collections, Newman, and the Postman API.

Lightning Talk: “Why Shopify Automatically Generates Postman Collections”

Automatically generating API collections from your code is easier than you think. Learn more.

Lightning Talk: “Using Cookies to Store Your Postman Secrets”

Storing your secrets in Postman environments might not meet your security requirements. See how you can levarage Postman cookies instead.

Partner Talk: “Don't Let It Scare You! A Newbie's Guide to Postman by a Newbie Postman User!”

A newbie's guide to Postman by a newbie Postman user.

Postman Talk: “Common API Vulnerabilities: How to Effectively Use Postman for API Security Testing”

Learn how to use Postman to identify and mitigate common API security issues such as those from the OWASP Top 10 API vulnerabilities list.

Talk: "Drive API Adoption, Reach Over 13 Million Developers"

Creating a great API is just half the work. Driving its adoption is where most producers struggle. Join us to learn how to drive adoption of your APIs and how the Postman API Network can help.

Fireside Chat with Jeff Barr of AWS

Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist for AWS explains the benefits of cloud computing and web services.

Lightning Talk: “0 to 100: A GraphQL tutorial”

Introducing GraphQL and how to manage GraphQL APIs.

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