February 2-4, 2021

Postman Galaxy:
The Global Virtual
API Conference

It’s rocket fuel for your API skills, with stellar keynotes, sessions, activities, networking, and more.

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Postman Galaxy - Live Q&A
Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak

Apple Co-founder

Dr. Ellen Ochoa
Dr. Ellen Ochoa

Dr. Ellen Ochoa

Astronaut and Former NASA Executive

Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak

Apple Co-founder

Featured Speakers

Postman Galaxy includes multiple tracks with top brains from top organizations all over the world, including NASA veteran Dr. Ellen Ochoa and Apple veteran Steve Wozniak. They’ll all be diving into advanced Postman use cases and presenting thought leadership in the areas of collaboration, API testing and automation, API design and architecture, developer experience, DevOps, innovations in API development, and more.

Of Course APIs Are Fun. But Other Things Are Fun, Too.

Postman Galaxy will obviously have a rocketload of content for you about all things API. But wait, there’s more: we’ve also got a stash of online activities designed to help you loosen up, blow off some galactic steam, and meet a few of your brilliant co-attendees. And Galaxy-exclusive Postman swag and freebies will be given out at a staggering rate, so don’t miss these fine recreational diversions.

Online activities at Postman Galaxy.
Break sessions

Breakout Sessions

The breakout sessions at Postman Galaxy will get fascinatingly deep into the weeds on a range of topics related to APIs with presentations by industry specialists, innovators, and honchos.

Pre-conference Workshops

Pre-conference Workshops

This is an exclusive, only-at-Postman-Galaxy opportunity to become a Postman expert. Attend the pre-conference hands-on workshops to learn about Postman from the people who created it.

So. Much. Learning.

For Postman Galaxy, we’ve constructed a one-of-a-kind event that’s designed to help you learn more about Postman, learn more about APIs, learn more about fascinating companies who are doing fascinating API-related things, and even learn more about the lovely folks in the global API community.

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Sponsor Spotlight

Become a sponsor of Postman Galaxy at one of three levels: Jupiter, Mars, or Pluto. As a sponsor, you’ll have exclusive opportunities to showcase your products, promote your APIs, and engage with brilliant and influential Postman Galaxy attendees. Send an email to conference@postman.com to get started.

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The Postman API Hack: $100,000 in Cash Prizes!

Hack the Future of APIs and Unleash What You Can Do!

Here’s your chance to demonstrate to the global API community how you can use APIs in innovative ways that have business value, address a problem, and engage users while leveraging all the features that the Postman API platform has to offer.

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