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Partner Talk: “Don’t Let It Scare You! A Newbie’s Guide to Postman by a Newbie Postman User!”

Partner Talk: “Don’t Let It Scare You! A Newbie’s Guide to Postman by a Newbie Postman User!”

A newbie's guide to Postman by a newbie Postman user.

Beth Marshall, Senior Test Lead at Smoothwall

Beth Marshall

Senior Test Lead


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Tue May 11 2021

COVID-19 Vaccines in India: How to Build an API-based Vaccine Locator

The Co-Win portal is a critical website for India at this time, allowing Indians to register and schedule vaccinations against COVID-19 (please note that the portal may lead to a 403 Forbidden error if you’re not in India), and it has published the Co-Win APIs. Since the population of India is so large and the…

Tue Apr 20 2021

Postman Level Up: Quick API Testing with Snippets

Do you hate writing API tests even though you recognize that they’re really valuable? You’re not alone. It’s almost universally agreed upon that testing is both necessary and highly beneficial. But far too often, testing gets pushed to the back burner and becomes an afterthought. Thankfully, Postman has some built-in features to help you get…

Thu Apr 15 2021

Filtering and Sorting APIs Using the Postman API

Filtering and sorting APIs using the Postman API gives you the ability to decide which APIs you want to retrieve and how to organize them. You can easily apply a combination of filters using HTTP query parameters on the Postman API “Get all APIs” request. For instance, you can retrieve all the public APIs that…