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Partner Talk: “Don’t Let It Scare You! A Newbie’s Guide to Postman by a Newbie Postman User!”

Partner Talk: “Don’t Let It Scare You! A Newbie’s Guide to Postman by a Newbie Postman User!”

A newbie's guide to Postman by a newbie Postman user.

Beth Marshall, Senior Test Lead at Smoothwall

Beth Marshall

Senior Test Lead


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Fri Jul 30 2021

Building a Bot for Busy Gamers

Like many teenagers of my generation, video games have been a large part of my adolescence. However, as a current Postman intern looking ahead to college, those once-frequent gaming sessions goofing off with friends are now exceedingly rare, whether that be due to school, work, or different schedules. These days, I’m more of a game…

Tue Jul 27 2021

Connect Your Online and Offline Worlds with Lob’s Public Workspace

This is a guest post written by Sid Maestre, director of engineering at Lob. Lob offers a direct mail API and an address verification API that enable companies to send US postal mail as effortlessly as sending emails. Lob’s developer experience team is moving toward generating tools, documentation, and more from our OpenAPI specification, and…

Tue Jul 20 2021

How to Auto-Sync Postman Collections with AWS CodeCommit Repositories

Earlier this spring, Postman partnered with Codebase—a student organization from the University of California, Berkeley—to create a suite of cloud integrations. After a semester of hard work, the Codebase team successfully built out several cloud-based workflow integrations in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform within Postman. The resulting Codebase Cloud Integrations public workspace in…