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Talk: “Drive API Adoption, Reach Over 15 Million Developers”

Talk: “Drive API Adoption, Reach Over 15 Million Developers”

How to drive adoption of your APIs and how Postman's API network can help.

Avinash Choudhary, Engineering Manager at Postman

Avinash Choudhary

Engineering Manager


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Tue Jun 08 2021

APIs Powering the Future of Communications

APIs have a big job to do. They enable apps to speak to other apps. They also help people communicate better. When you’re building an app, why roll your own if there’s an API for that? Check out Postman’s latest featured list: APIs Powering the Future of Communications. These APIs are empowering the exchange of…

Mon Jun 07 2021

Young Startups with the Potential to Disrupt Industries

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Fri Jun 04 2021

Postman and OpenAPI: Helping US States Navigate the Healthcare API Interoperability Rules

Establishing the first federally regulated API precedent in the United States, the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) has two new rules requiring states to operate a compliant Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) API when doing business with the federal government around Medicare and Medicaid. With Medicare and Medicaid together representing 37% of the…