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Fireside Chat with Woz

Fireside Chat with Woz

Steve Wozniak, Silicon Valley icon and co-founder of Apple, will share his interstellar perspectives with you.

Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-founder

Steve Wozniak

Apple Co-founder

Kin Lane, Chief Evangelist at Postman

Kin Lane

Chief Evangelist


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Thu Apr 08 2021

Reorder examples from sidebar

Postman is continuously evolving as an API Platform. As we evolve, we are working towards providing the best documentation tool for knowledge and context transfer within and across team boundaries. Examples are an essential part of the documentation and acts as sample responses to the request. They play a vital role in helping consumers understand the correct…

Thu Apr 08 2021

Announcing Unlimited Collaboration for Small Teams in Postman

When I built the first iteration of Postman in 2012, it was designed to help individual developers interact with APIs. But it soon became clear that that wasn’t enough: APIs are inherently collaborative, and the original Postman product did not explicitly facilitate that collaboration. So over the ensuing years, we’ve been working tirelessly to address…

Thu Apr 08 2021

Introducing Auto-Flex for Teams

Postman’s journey from a simple REST client to a leading API platform that delivers high productivity, great quality, and airtight governance to more than 500,000 organizations around the world has been a truly exhilarating transformation. A crucial part of that journey has been providing ever-greater collaboration within and across teams working on APIs. The Postman…