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Fireside Chat with Woz

Fireside Chat with Woz

Steve Wozniak, Silicon Valley icon and co-founder of Apple, will share his interstellar perspectives with you.

Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-founder

Steve Wozniak

Apple Co-founder

Kin Lane, Chief Evangelist at Postman

Kin Lane

Chief Evangelist


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Tue Jun 22 2021

3 Essential Elements of Open Technology

When most people think of “open technology,” they think “open source,” and for good reason. Over the past two decades, open source—with its principles of transparency, peer review, and collaboration—positively changed not just software, but the world. Continued support for open source projects and practitioners is an incredibly important part of the Postman Open Technologies…

Mon Jun 21 2021

Introducing User Management in Postman with SCIM

To add and manage users in Postman as a team admin for a large organization, you can either send invites to the members of your organization requesting them to join your Postman team or set up SSO self-provisioning, available on our Business and Enterprise plans (see all Postman plans). However, even with SSO self-provisioning, each new…

Fri Jun 18 2021

Introducing Security Warnings During API Validation

At Postman, we’re committed to empowering the API-driven economy. Since our first release as a Google Chrome extension, we’ve studied the needs of our users and evolved the product to enable easier collaboration across stakeholders of the API lifecycle. A key aspect of the API lifecycle management that we continue to focus on is API…