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Postman Talk: “Integrations: Extending Workflows Beyond Postman”

Postman Talk: “Integrations: Extending Workflows Beyond Postman”

Streamline your API development efforts.

Shashank Awasthi, Product Manager, Integrations at Postman

Shashank Awasthi

Product Manager, Integrations


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Mon Apr 12 2021

Google vs. Oracle: The Importance of the Supreme Court API Copyright Decision

On April 5, 2021, the Supreme Court of the United States of America issued its decision in the Google vs. Oracle API copyright case with two crucial outcomes: The Supreme Court adhered to the lower court decision and operated under the assumption that APIs are copyrightable. Google’s copying of 11,500 lines of code from Java was…

Mon Apr 05 2021

How We Built Postman—the Product and the Company

As Postman recently passed 15 million developers on the Postman API Platform and 50 million active Postman Collections—two milestones I would never have dreamed possible even a few years ago—I’m often asked how we got here. To answer that question, here’s the official (brief) history of Postman. First there was a problem, and then there…

Fri Feb 19 2021

What’s New in Developer Tools for 2021?

Industry experts from some of your favorite developer tools came together at Postman Galaxy 2021 to debate the challenges and trends in tools for the developer community. The “What’s New in Developer Tools” panel participants included: StackShare Founder and CEO Yonas Beshawred (moderator) SmartBear Senior Director of Product Management Ali Inzana Stoplight Architect Phil Sturgeon…