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The $100,000 Postman API Hack

$100,000 in prizes is up for grabs. Join this hackathon, running January 5–25, with your most brilliant idea(s).

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Hack the Future of APIs and Unleash What You Can Do

With the Postman API Hack, we challenge you to hack the future of APIs and unleash what you can do: Build something that is creative, has compelling value to developers, addresses a problem, and has community interest. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your Postman expertise and build your reputation in the largest API developer community. The challenge is wide open and we can’t wait to see what you create. The hackathon winners will be announced with great fanfare at the Postman Galaxy API conference, so get your conference ticket ASAP.


Intergalactic Grand Prize


Andromeda Prize


Nebula Prize


Moonshot Prize (10)

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Win stunning prizes

This is your chance to win a share of $100,000 in prizes. Plus, all participants with submissions receive a limited-edition Postman API Hack T-shirt. Check out the full list of prizes and the Official Rules here.

Build something that will make developers’ lives easier

Create something as simple as a collection of your favorite APIs to something more complex such as designing your own API with mock servers, documentation, and environments with testing that is fully automated.

Meet developers across the globe

With Postman’s first-ever global, virtual hackathon, you have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a massive online gathering of developers across the globe (Postman has more than 13 million users and 500,000 organizations on the platform worldwide).

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Read up on all of the hackathon details—including a bit of spellbinding legalese—and then register to join the hack now.

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