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Panel: “Postman Collections as Part of Your Developer Experience”

Panel: “Postman Collections as Part of Your Developer Experience”

Authors of public Postman collections share tips and insights for curating the educational experience for new and experienced users.

Jayson DeLancey, Developer Relations at Dolby Laboratories

Jayson DeLancey

Developer Relations

Dolby Laboratories

Marcel Ribas, Developer Evangelist at Dropbox

Marcel Ribas

Developer Evangelist


Nicolas Grenié, Developer Advocate at Typeform

Nicolas Grenié

Developer Advocate


Julia Biro, Developer Advocate at Vonage

Julia Biro

Developer Advocate


Jessica Garson, Developer Advocate at Twitter

Jessica Garson

Developer Advocate


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Mon Feb 22 2021

6 Steps to Enhance Your Audio with a Dolby API and Postman Monitors

By: Meenakshi Dhanani

While recently planning my mother’s birthday celebration, I was listening to a recording of birthday messages I wanted to give her as a gift. I realized the audio clip had a lot of background noise, and I would need to enhance the sound quality if I wanted to present it at the party. So, while…

Tue Jan 05 2021

Twitter API v2: How to Find the Unknown Unknowns

By: Kin Lane

With version 2.0 of the Twitter API possessing a wealth of new features, one of the most useful additions to the social media API are annotations, which offer a way to understand each tweet’s contextual information. Using the new Twitter Recent Search API to turn each search for tweets into a journey of discovery allows…

Wed Dec 16 2020

Kubernetes Tutorial: Your Complete Guide to Deploying an App on AWS with Postman

By: Meenakshi Dhanani

Kubernetes is an open source system that is useful for container orchestration. In this tutorial, we are going to use Postman Collections to learn Kubernetes and use its API to deploy an app on a Kubernetes cluster hosted on AWS. This is a hands-on tutorial. Don’t fret if you aren’t familiar with Kubernetes and containerization,…