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Panel: “Postman Collections as Part of Your Developer Experience”

Panel: “Postman Collections as Part of Your Developer Experience”

Authors of public Postman collections share tips and insights for curating the educational experience for new and experienced users.

Jayson DeLancey, Developer Relations at Dolby Laboratories

Jayson DeLancey

Developer Relations

Dolby Laboratories

Marcel Ribas, Developer Evangelist at Dropbox

Marcel Ribas

Developer Evangelist


Nicolas Grenié, Developer Advocate at Typeform

Nicolas Grenié

Developer Advocate


Julia Biro, Developer Advocate at Vonage

Julia Biro

Developer Advocate


Jessica Garson, Developer Advocate at Twitter

Jessica Garson

Developer Advocate


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Tue Jul 20 2021

How to Auto-Sync Postman Collections with AWS CodeCommit Repositories

Earlier this spring, Postman partnered with Codebase—a student organization from the University of California, Berkeley—to create a suite of cloud integrations. After a semester of hard work, the Codebase team successfully built out several cloud-based workflow integrations in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform within Postman. The resulting Codebase Cloud Integrations public workspace in…

Fri Jul 02 2021

How to Explore the Notion API with Our Postman Public Workspace

This is a guest post written by Aman Gupta, partner engineering at Notion. Notion recently released the public beta version of our API in May, and with it, we published Notion’s public workspace in Postman. Notion combines essential work tools—notes, docs, wikis, and project management—in one collaborative, customizable space. Our API was one of our…

Mon Jun 14 2021

OneLogin’s Collection for Injecting Webhooks at Login Time

Webhooks are a way to make simple web APIs a two-way street. Whenever you make a simple web API call, you make a request to an API and get a response back—but with webhooks, it works the other way around: The API makes a call to any URL you provide, sending a request when a…