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Lightning Talk: “Cisco DevNet Runs Developer Education”

Lightning Talk: “Cisco DevNet Runs Developer Education”

Cisco's developer program helps every user achieve their first meaningful interaction with a Cisco API.

Stuart Clark, Technical Leader / Developer Advocate at Cisco

Stuart Clark

Technical Leader / Developer Advocate


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Thu Apr 22 2021

Problem: Spreadsheets. Solution: Specifications

This is a story inspired by true events, about a team and the everyday struggles they faced while building an API defined by spreadsheets and documents. What can come to the rescue in such a scenario? API specifications. In analysis Here’s an example of a conversation that you may have been part of sometime in…

Wed Apr 14 2021

How We Built Docu-Mentor to Win the Postman API Hack

Earlier this year, we were honored to win the Postman API Hack Intergalactic Grand Prize, which was announced at the Postman Galaxy global conference in February. As two long-time Postman users (and fans), we jumped at the chance to create a project using the API platform and dive deeper into what is possible with the…

Tue Apr 13 2021

Introducing the All-New Run in Postman Button

Five years ago, Postman launched the Run in Postman button, which allowed publishers to embed collections in their own web pages and blogs, and enabled consumers to import a collection to get started with APIs in one click. Since then, the Run in Postman button has helped millions of consumers use public APIs faster and…