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Talk: “Testing Your APIs: Postman, Newman, and Beyond”

Talk: “Testing Your APIs: Postman, Newman, and Beyond”

API testing means taking an "outside-in" approach to writing and executing those tests.

Mike Amundsen,, Inc

Mike Amundsen, Inc.

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Tue Feb 02 2021

Postman Galaxy: Sponsor Spotlight

By: The Postman Team

At Postman, we take community and collaboration seriously. So with the launch of Postman Galaxy, we want to give a cosmic thank you to the stellar sponsors making the world’s premier API conference possible this week. Each of the following industry innovators is supporting our three-day virtual event to educate, inspire, and connect the global…

Thu Jan 14 2021

Shift-Left Testing: What It Is and How to Achieve It

By: Guest Author

This is a guest post by Dan Martin, a freelancer and editor at TestProject. Shifting left means incorporating critical processes into a project early in the software development cycle. To adopt shift-left testing in the beginning stages, a team needs to change its mindset from the traditional ways of shift-right testing. Shift-left testing is made…

Tue Dec 22 2020

How Postman Engineering Handles a Million Concurrent Connections

By: Joyce

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bifrost is the name of the rainbow bridge that allows instantaneous travel between the realms of gods and humanity. Similarly, and equally magically, our Bifrost websocket gateway lets Postman clients instantaneously connect to Postman services. As I’ve previously shared in How Postman Engineering Does Microservices Today, all software architectures are…