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Talk: “The Future of API Specifications”

Talk: “The Future of API Specifications”

The creator of the asyncapi Initiative and a long-term user of openapi and JSON Schema provides insights on the future API specs landscape.

Fran Méndez, Founder at AsyncAPI Initiative

Fran Méndez


AsyncAPI Initiative

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Tue Jun 22 2021

3 Essential Elements of Open Technology

When most people think of “open technology,” they think “open source,” and for good reason. Over the past two decades, open source—with its principles of transparency, peer review, and collaboration—positively changed not just software, but the world. Continued support for open source projects and practitioners is an incredibly important part of the Postman Open Technologies…

Fri Jun 04 2021

Postman and OpenAPI: Helping US States Navigate the Healthcare API Interoperability Rules

Establishing the first federally regulated API precedent in the United States, the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) has two new rules requiring states to operate a compliant Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) API when doing business with the federal government around Medicare and Medicaid. With Medicare and Medicaid together representing 37% of the…

Wed May 05 2021

Mike Ralphson Joins Postman to Lead Our OpenAPI Strategy

Postman is excited to announce the expansion of our Postman Open Technologies team of renowned experts. Building on the addition of Fran Méndez and Lukas Gornicki from the AsyncAPI team, as well as Ben Hutton from the JSON Schema community, we’d now like to introduce Mike Ralphson as Postman’s OpenAPI Specification (OAS) lead. OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, and…