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Talk: “The Future of API Specifications”

Talk: “The Future of API Specifications”

The creator of the asyncapi Initiative and a long-term user of openapi and JSON Schema provides insights on the future API specs landscape.

Fran Méndez, Founder at AsyncAPI Initiative

Fran Méndez


AsyncAPI Initiative

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Mon Sep 14 2020

Postman API Builder Now Validates OpenAPI Definitions in Real Time

By: Kin Lane

Since joining the OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) this summer, Postman has made a wave of incremental improvements to make our platform experience more seamless when it comes to using the OpenAPI Specification (OAS). For example, as of Postman v7.29, you can now validate your OpenAPI definitions in the Postman API Builder. This feature expands the API…

Mon Jul 27 2020

How Postman Uses the OpenAPI Specification

By: Abhijit Kane

This is a follow-up to our recent post about Postman joining the OpenAPI Initiative (OAI). You can read the full announcement here. At Postman, our mission is to encourage creativity by providing user-friendly tools that help people create innovative software. APIs are a big part of how software is built today, and we’ve been closely…

Thu Jul 23 2020

Postman Joins the OpenAPI Initiative

By: Kin Lane

We’re proud to announce that Postman has joined the OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) to participate in the education, marketing, and evolution of the OpenAPI Specification (OAS). As a member alongside 35 other tech companies, we are excited to help provide a common vocabulary for defining what is possible with each API behind the applications the world…