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Talk: “Turn on the Lights”

Talk: “Turn on the Lights”

Learn how to tap into what your employer sees using Postman + osquery, an open source API for asking questions about devices like laptops, servers, and Docker containers.

Mike McNeil, CEO of Fleet

Mike McNeil



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Wed Jan 27 2021

Top 5 API Security Best Practices for 2021

By: Guest Author

This is a guest blog post by Subho Halder, chief information security officer and co-founder at Appknox. With APIs being the new norm in the modern software development era, a rise in security concerns related to APIs is also inevitable. Gartner predicts that by 2022, API security will be the topmost cause of concern for…

Fri Jan 22 2021

Introducing Postman Security Scans

By: Tirthankar Saha

According to the 2020 State of the API Report, businesses worldwide are becoming more reliant on APIs for their day-to-day work. And with the increasing number of APIs made available for public consumption today, it’s extremely important that any linked API documentation and saved examples demonstrating how to use an API don’t contain sensitive information…

Wed Oct 07 2020

Encryption, SSL/TLS, and Managing Your Certificates in Postman

By: Kin Lane

Just like when it comes to making API requests and working with responses, Postman aims to give you greater control when it comes to configuring API encryption—which is now a standard part of API operations in 2020. Encryption is pushing API providers to leverage Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure the data, content, and other…