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Here’s who we think might benefit most from the Postman hands-on workshops:

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Developers using Postman just as a REST client

Postman is a powerful REST client, but it is also the leading collaboration platform for API development. These hands-on workshops will help you learn to use all of Postman’s rich features beyond sending a request and examining a response—including the ability to design and develop APIs, use variables and environments, debug, automate API testing, create documentation, and add mocks and monitors.

Developer teams using Postman

Postman has powerful collaboration tools for teams who use it for frontend and backend development, DevOps, QA, and API publishing. These hands-on workshops will demonstrate specific collaboration features and will include real-world examples.

Advanced Postman users

You’re comfortable with most features of Postman and use it regularly. These hands-on workshops will show you even more advanced techniques for using test automation, integrations, the Postman API, and other use cases.

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The Postman API Hack: $100,000 in Cash Prizes!

Hack the Future of APIs and Unleash What You Can Do!

Here’s your chance to demonstrate to the global API community how you can use APIs in innovative ways that have business value, address a problem, and engage users while leveraging all the features that the Postman API platform has to offer.

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