Postman's annual user conference

April 30 - May 1, 2024 · San Francisco, CA

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POST/CON 24: May 1


Whether you work at a startup or a Fortune 500 company, you'll gain valuable insights from POST/CON's speakers. The lineup includes founders, CTOs, principal engineers, and developer advocates in sectors ranging from financial services and healthcare to airlines and AI.

POST/CON: Speakers

Who you'll hear from

Abhinav Asthana, CEO Co-founder. Photograph.


Abhinav Asthana

Co-founder and CEO, Postman

Gail Frederick, CTO/SVP Heroku at Salesforce. Photograph.


Gail Frederick

CTO/SVP Heroku, Salesforce

Sri Viswanath, Managing Director/CEO at Coatue Ventures and ex-CTO at Atlassian. Photograph.

Panel discussion

Sri Viswanath

Managing Director/CEO at Coatue Ventures and Former CTO at Atlassian

Casey Newton, Founder/Editor at Platformer and Host of New York Times's “Hard Fork” Podcast. Photograph.


Casey Newton

Host of New York Times Podcast Hard Fork and Founder/Editor at Platformer

Ankit Sobti, CTO and Co-founder, Postman. Photograph.

Panel discussion

Ankit Sobti

Co-founder and CTO, Postman

Ojus Save, Lead Developer Advocate at Zoom. Photograph.

Lightning talk

Ojus Save

Lead Developer Advocate, Zoom

Shweta Palande, Developer Advocate at Cisco. Photograph.

Lightning talk

Shweta Palande

Developer Advocate, Cisco

Suresh Muthu, Principal Engineer at Intuit. Photograph.


Suresh Muthu

Principal Engineer, Intuit

James Zabinski, Enterprise Architect at EY. Photograph.

Panel discussion

James Zabinski

Enterprise Architect, EY

Austen Herbst, Lead Cloud DevOps Engineer at Southwest Airlines. Photograph.

Panel discussion

Austen Herbst

Lead Cloud DevOps Engineer, Southwest Airlines

Kedasha Kerr, Developer Advocate, GitHub. Photograph.


Kedasha Kerr

Developer Advocate, GitHub

Hannah Seligson, Senior Developer Advocate at Hubspot. Photograph.

Lightning talk

Hannah Seligson

Senior Developer Advocate, HubSpot

Matthew Zeiler, founder & CEO at Clarifai. Photograph.


Matthew Zeiler

Founder & CEO, Clarifai

Lauren Long, Co-Founder and CTO at Ampersand. Photograph.

Lightning talk

Lauren Long

Co-founder and CTO, Ampersand

Gaël Imperial Self-Service API Product Manager at Amadeus. Photograph.


Gaël Imperial

Self-Service API Product Manager, Amadeus

Laura Rubin, Staff Technical Writer at Nylas. Photograph.


Laura Rubin

Staff Technical Writer, Nylas

Abhijit Kane, Co-founder at Postman. Photograph.


Abhijit Kane

Co-founder, Postman

Bear Douglas, Director of Developer Relations at Pinecone. Photograph.

Panel discussion

Bear Douglas

Director of Developer Relations, Pinecone

Chris Torruella, Design Manager, Design Systems & UX at Postman. Photograph


Chris Torruella

Design Manager, Design Systems & UX, Postman

Dustin Schau, Head of API Client at Postman. Photograph


Dustin Schau

Head of API Client, Postman

Ethan Ferguson, Quality Engineer at Bank of Oklahoma Financial. Photograph.


Ethan Ferguson

Quality Engineer, BOK Financial

Giri Chakravarthi, Product Manager at Postman. Photograph


Giri Chakravarthi

Product Manager, Postman

James Quick, Developer. Speaker. Teacher. Photograph.


James Quick

Developer. Speaker. Teacher.

Jean Burellier, Principal Engineer at Sanofi. Photograph.

Lightning talk

Jean Burellier

Principal Engineer, Sanofi

Jelle Vandevelde, Engineering Manager, Design System & UX at Postman. Photograph


Jelle Vandevelde

Engineering Manager, Design System & UX, Postman

John Agan VP of Product & Data, Replit. Photograph

Panel discussion

John Agan

VP of Product & Data, Replit

Justine Davis, Head of Product Marketing at Postman. Photograph

Keynote & Presentation

Justine Davis

Head of Product Marketing, Postman

Kai Toedter, Principal Software Architect at Siemens AG. Photograph.

Lightning talk

Kai Toedter

Principal Software Architect, Siemens AG

Manian Krish, General Manager, API Program, Verizon. Photograph.

Panel discussion

Manian Krish

General Manager, API Program, Verizon

Minji Kim, Developer Advocate at Amadeus. Photograph


Minji Kim

Developer Advocate, Amadeus

Mudita Tiwari, Staff Engineer at Best Buy Health. Photograph.

Panel discussion

Mudita Tiwari

Senior Director of Product, Developer Experience, PayPal

Noah Schwartz, Head of Postman Public API Network at Postman. Photograph

Panel discussion

Noah Schwartz

Head of Postman Public API Network, Postman

Postmanaut standing at podium in front of crowd. Illustration.

Panel discussion

Philippe Ozil

Principal Developer Advocate, Salesforce

Preetham Mavin, Head of Product, Developers at Postman. Photograph


Preetham Mavin

Head of Product, Developers, Postman

Radoslav Rusev, API Product Owner at Siemens AG. Photograph.

Lightning talk

Radoslav Rusev

API Product Owner, Siemens AG

Ramji Enamuthu, Product Manager, Workspaces at Postman. Photograph


Ramji Enamuthu

Product Manager, Workspaces, Postman

Rui Barbosa, Developer Advocate at Box. Photograph.

Lightning talk

Rui Barbosa

Developer Advocate, Box

Sathya Anantharajan, API Platform Leader at Medibank. Photograph.

Panel discussion

Sathya Anantharajan

API Platform Leader, Medibank

Sid Maestre, VP Developer Relations at APIMatic. Photograph.

Lightning talk

Sid Maestre

VP Developer Relations, APIMatic

Suhas Gaikwad, Senior Engineering Manager at Postman. Photograph


Suhas Gaikwad

Senior Engineering Manager, Postman

Welly Siauw, Principal Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services. Photograph

Lightning talk

Welly Siauw

Principal Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

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