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Partnering in Postman

Partner Workspaces let organizations invite partners to collaborate on building products and services with their APIs. They provide a space that is shared, secure, and controlled. Workspaces update in real-time and notify partners about changes to their APIs.

Partnering in Postman screenshot. Illustration.

Key features

Isolated with built-in access control

Each partner has a workspace that is secure and separate from other workspaces, with role-based access controls.

Quick onboarding

Workspaces are deployed with collections, mocks, environments, and tests, which reduce the onboarding time of partners.

Collaborating on Postman with partners

Leverage the collaboration features of workspaces and help partners integrate faster by building on top of your existing Postman workflows.

Central management with Partner Manager

Run a successful partner program and manage all partner workspaces with a single role via Partner Manager.

With Postman, you can:

  • Co-develop faster with partners

    Customers and their partners are able to collaborate in the same environment from design to distribution, ensuring alignment across all stages of the API lifecycle

  • Accelerate the launch of partner products

    Internal and external development teams see time-to-value faster with the ability to come up to speed on APIs and build new products faster — within a single, collaborative platform

  • Catalyst for ecosystem growth

    Administrators can add partners to their own isolated workspaces quickly, yielding faster and more consistent onboarding for the entire partner network

Postmanaut checking list. Illustration.

Process within the Postman platform

Partnering in Postman. Diagram.

Product teams build workspaces in Postman that include collections needed for co-development, then invite a partner to that workspace. Collections can include code, tests, mocks, environments, and documentation to help the partner quickly come up to speed. In addition, Postman users can copy a workspace and share it with many partners. Each partner will have its own workspace for development, with no IP or data transferred between the partner workspaces.

See Partner Workspaces in Action:

Step 1: Assign a Partner Manager role for your team

We have added a new team-level role called Partner Manager that can be assigned to users to manage all partner workspaces in the team, including creating new ones, inviting partners, and removing them. Team Admins can assign someone as Partner Manager using Team settings.

Assign a Partner Manager role for your team. GIF.

Step 2: Create a Partner Workspace

To create a Partner Workspace, go to the Workspaces menu, click on Create Workspace, and select the Partner option from the list. If creating the workspace is not done by a Partner Manager, it must be approved by one.

Create a Partner Workspace. GIF.

Step 3: Add collections, environments, and other elements

You can help partners onboard faster by adding collections, environments and related elements to the workspace. Leverage existing collections in other workspaces by creating a fork and use the ellipsis (…) button to pull changes. Collections are presented as human-readable API documentation with dynamic examples and machine-readable.

Add collections, environments, and other elements. GIF.

Step 4: Invite partners and optionally assign a Partner Lead

You can invite partners to your workspace by using the Invite button in the top bar and selecting Partners. Additionally, you can assign a Partner Lead who can manage and invite other partners to the workspace.

Invite partners and optionally assign a Partner Lead. GIF.

What Partners can do:

Partners can use the Postman workspace to view, edit, send requests, and add comments. By leveraging environments set up for them, they can use their own API keys locally and securely send requests. API stakeholders are able to collaborate around the API and leave contextual comments in the inline commenting feature.

Send requests in Postman. GIF.
Add comments in Postman. GIF.

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