The Postman API Platform

The Postman API Platform delivers high productivity for developers, great quality for APIs, and airtight governance for organizations across the world.

Enterprise Features

Postman Enterprise is designed for organizations who need to deploy Postman at scale and need enterprise-class support, security, reliability, and uptime.

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Govern your API lifecycle through the reporting dashboard. API reports visualize data on API activities like creation, collection execution and test runs. You’ll also get insights on API consumption, performance, troubleshooting, and SLA adherence.

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Role based access control

Define fine-grained access control rules for entities and workflows through Postman Enterprise. Securely enable visibility and read/write permissions.

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Single sign-on

Connect Postman to your identity provider so users can securely access Postman Enterprise. Postman Enterprise supports the most popular identity formats like Okta, OneLogin, Duo, Ping Identity, AD FS, GSuite and even custom SAML.

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User groups

Organize your team members into functional groups that map to your organizational structure. Efficiently manage access control across within teams and seamlessly onboard new team members.

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SCIM support

Automate provisioning and de-provisioning licenses for your entire organization. Through SCIM, you can efficiently deploy Postman to your entire organization and control access via your identity provider.

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Token scanning

Prevent accidental exposure of security tokens whenever users are creating public documentation pages or public workspaces.

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Audit logs

Track important changes to your Postman Enterprise account related to team management, billing, and security.

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Public link governance

Govern the APIs and Workspaces your organization exposes publicly for external consumers.

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Deployment control

Separate packaged binary for IT admins to deploy and control versions of the Postman app within an organization.

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Super admin

Centrally manage all team users and resources via a single role. Oversee team settings, members, groups, workspaces, collections, and other elements.

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Domain capture

Identify and manage all the Postman user accounts that have been created with your organization’s domain or sub-domain. Consolidate users onto a single Postman team.

Enterprise Benefits

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High productivity

The Postman API Platform delivers high productivity through these features and benefits:


  • Postman as the single source of truth for all APIs

  • Up-to-date and easily discoverable API documentation

  • Instant search across your API landscape

  • Persona-based pre-configured API workspaces


  • Eliminate duplicate work

  • Onboard developers faster

  • Fewer meetings = happier developers

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Great quality

The Postman API Platform delivers great quality through these features and benefits:


  • API mocking and prototyping

  • API testing for developers integrated with your CI/CD pipeline

  • Contract-test internal/external APIs with your consumers

  • API lifecycle management across multiple versions


  • Faster and earlier bug detection

  • Standardize API specifications

  • Rapid, seamless, and automated API testing

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Airtight governance

The Postman API Platform delivers airtight governance through these features and benefits:


  • API governance with design and validation

  • Deep API insight reports, dashboards, and audit logs

  • User groups and custom roles

  • SCIM-based automated user provisioning and domain capture


  • Visibility into your API landscape

  • Developers complying with your API guidelines

  • Adherence to legal and regulatory requirements

  • Meet operational SLAs

500,000 companies use Postman

Many of the world's top organizations, including 98% of the Fortune 500, are using the Postman API Platform today.

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Faster API Development


Faster Bug Fixes


More Effective API Collaboration

You'll discover these quantitative findings and more in a recent report—authored by the Enterprise Strategy Group, a global IT research firm—on the economic benefits of the Postman platform.

Source: Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Report, “The Economic Benefits of the Postman Collaboration Platform for API Development”

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