Work Better Together in Postman Workspaces

A workspace is a shared context for building and consuming APIs. Postman workspaces allow real-time collaboration within and between teams with built-in version control.

An Easy Way to Collaborate

Share your work in a dedicated workspace and invite your teammates to collaborate on it.
A dedicated workspace for you and your teammates to collaborate. Diagram.
  • Stay in Sync

    Automatic and secure syncing ensures that every workspace members gets the latest updates as soon as changes are pushed.

  • Maintain a Single Source of Truth

    Workspaces provide a single source of truth that you and your team can easily maintain through a git-like version control process.

  • Create Unlimited Workspaces

    Just sign up for a Postman account to create as many personal, team, or private workspaces as you need—for free.

Streamline Your Workflow

Quickly onboard new developers and stay up to date on all changes.
Workspaces showing the Team tab for cart and checkout. Diagram.
  • Collaborate Securely

    Make sure everyone has the necessary access by assigning Viewer and Editor roles. To restrict access to a project, just create a private workspace.

  • Manage Team Workflows

    Use workspaces to mirror your team workflow. Organize them cross-functionally around a particular product or project and/or have dedicated workspaces for specific functions, like technical writing or testing.

  • Manage Your Workflow

    Organize your work in a personal workspace before collaborating on it. Personal workspaces are visible only to you.

Easily Manage Large or Multiple Teams

Share and organize work between multiple teams.
Share and organize work between multiple teams. Diagram.
  • Share with Multiple Teams

    Invite multiple teams to a workspace to divide and share work as needed to help each user keep track of the work they are responsible for.

  • Share Only What's Necessary

    Easily manage permissions by assigning Viewer and Editor roles to team members and contributors within the workspace.

  • Organize Your Work

    Organize your work to reflect your workflow. You can organize your work by any convention, including by team, function, or priority.

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Take a look at all of Postman's features to find out how Postman fits into your workflow.

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Use Cases

Discover how Postman enables API-first development, automated testing, and developer onboarding.

API-First Development

Release reliable services by building your API before deploying code.

Application Development

Eliminate dependencies and reduce time to production by having front-end and back-end teams work in parallel.

Automated Testing

Automate manual tests and integrate them into your CI/CD pipeline to ensure that any code changes won't break the API in production.

Exploratory Testing

Explore the API by sending it different kinds of data to see what values are returned.

Developer Onboarding

Quickly get consumers up to speed on what your API can do and how it works.

Developer Portals

Publish API documentation to help internal and external consumers adopt your APIs.

Why Postman?

It's Free and Easy to Start

Just sign up for the Postman App and send your first request in minutes. Postman is free to download and use for teams of any size.

Wide support for all APIs and Schemas

Make any kind of API call—REST, SOAP, or plain HTTP—and easily inspect even the largest responses. Postman also has built-in support for popular data formats such as OpenAPI GraphQL, and RAML.

It's Extensible

Customize Postman for your needs with the Postman API. Integrate test suites into your preferred CI/CD service with Newman , our command line collection runner.

Support and Community

We continually make improvements and add new features based on feedback from our community of over 13 million users—who can also help you get the most out of Postman on our community forum.

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