The Postman Partner Program

The Postman Partner Program is designed to give select API producers and consumers an enhanced level of exposure and access to the global Postman community of more than 17 million users via three different partner tiers.

The Postman Partner Program. Illustration.

Postman Partner Types

The three different tiers of the program give you multiple ways to find, leverage, and optimize synergy between Postman and your organization.

Postman API Network partner

This is the simplest way to be a part of the Postman Partner Program: To become a partner, you create a team profile on the Postman API Network, produce an API collection and environment, and then publish that API to the network. You’ll join other leading Postman API Network partners like these:

Postman API Network partner. Logo.

Runtime partner

To become a runtime partner, you integrate the Postman collection format into your platform, allowing collections to be imported or exported by users, bringing the Postman runtime to your platform. You’ll join other leading runtime partners like these:

Runtime partner. Logo.

Integration partner

To become an integration partner, you work with Postman engineers to integrate your platform services into the Postman web or desktop application. You’ll join other leading integration partners like these:

Integration partner. Logo.
Partner Program Benefits

Benefits of Becoming a Postman Partner

Partners in all three tiers of the program will enjoy access to a variety of go-to-market and storytelling opportunities, including:

  • Early Access

    • Access to unreleased technologies

  • Webinars

    • Conducting joint webinars, sharing stories about the partnership

  • Streams

    • Participating in one of our weekly live streams

  • Events

    • Participating in our virtual (for now) events, as well as Postman Galaxy conference

  • Blogging

    • Publishing of partner stories on the Postman and/or partner blog

  • Case Studies

    • Creating joint case studies about how partners are putting Postman to work

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