About Postman

Software development is hard.
Postman makes it easy.

Postman is the only complete API development environment. Today we have 10 million developers and over 500K companies using our comprehensive set of built-in tools to support every stage of the API lifecycle. With Postman you can design, mock, debug, test, document, monitor, and publish your APIs all in one place.

Postman first gained popularity in 2012 when Abhinav uploaded his project to the Chrome Web Store. Postman eventually graduated to robust, native apps and is now used by over 10 million developers and 500K companies.

Our Founders

Postman started as a side project to address challenges in API testing. Abhinav Asthana, Postman's CEO and co-founder, set out to create a tool that would simplify the API testing process. Along with co-founders, Ankit Sobti and Abhijit Kane, Abhinav found Postman, the world's collaboration platform for API development.

Our Mission

Postman's mission is to encourage creativity by providing user-friendly tools that help people create innovative software.

Our Values

At Postman, we create with the same curiousity that we see in our users. We value transparency and honest communication about not only successes, but mistakes. In our work, we focus on specific goals that add up to a larger vision as we continue to move forward. Our inclusive work culture ensures that everyone is valued equally as important pieces of our final product. We are dedicated to delivering the best products we can.

Create with Curiosity
We repeatedly ask 'why?' and challenge best practices.
Earn Trust
We seek input first and actively listen before taking action.
Embrace Constraints
We recognize that clear priorities promote efficiency and quality.
Win Together
We count on each other, always offer help, and focus on solutions.
Own & Deliver
We learn from our mistakes and adapt with ease.


Postman HQ is located in the heart of the Financial District in San Francisco, California.

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Case Studies

Cisco DevNet Runs Interactive Developer Education on Postman

"Postman Collections give our users an easy path to gaining basic API skills or a quick on-ramp to new Cisco APIs and features."

Mandy Whaley, Senior Director of Developer Experience, Cisco DevNet

Imgur ensures consistency across teams with Postman

"Postman enables us to seamlessly publish our API documentation with the most recent updates to our collections."

Carlos Espinoza, Director of Platform Engineering, Imgur

Giant Machines uses Postman mock servers to keep development fast

"Postman’s mock servers have saved us countless developer hours. The impact on our code base is minimal as there are no mock responses in our code."

Mollie Stein, Software Engineer

AMC onboards developers with Postman documentation

"Postman Pro is a great tool that enables team collaboration. The sharing capabilities help make onboarding new developers and partners a much easier process."

Ian Joyce, Director, API Platform & Ecommerce

Movember uses Postman to check API performance

"We use Postman to make sure our APIs' performance is within tolerance. It's more efficient, less expensive, and gives us confidence as we transition over to a new framework."

Marcus Nance, Delivery Lead

Shopify debugs support issues with Postman

"We use Postman as a tool for...debugging support issues, and providing our partners with a way to instantly make sample requests to the various API endpoints across our Platform."

Jordan Liddle, Developer

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Software development can be hard. Finding a great team to work with makes it easier. We are looking for people who want to solve the challenges of software development together.
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Lifecycle of the API

Follow an API—the API-5000—throughout its lifecycle. Starting with design and mocking, through testing, documentation, monitoring, and publishing, Postman's API tools help with every stage of the API.

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