Postbot, our AI-powered assistant, will supercharge your API development.

Speed up your most common API development workflows with natural-language input, conversational interactions, and contextual suggestions.

Easier scripting

Easily create API scripts and tests with Postbot. It understands the context of your API and response, and generates tests quickly. Write scripts for a request or generate a test suite for an entire API with a few clicks.

Postbot visualization screenshot.

Response visualization

Quickly understand API responses visually with Postbot. Postbot can also tweak charts and graphs with a few simple instructions, giving you exactly what you need for your API to be consumer-ready.

Postbot instant support screenshot.

Instant support

Postbot is trained on Postman's documentation, too. Try asking Postbot for help if you get stuck—it will offer simple steps that you can follow and a link to more in-depth documentation.

Get started

Postbot is already available for Free, Basic, and Professional users. Make sure you have the latest version of the app, and try it out in your workspace today.

Postbot instant support screenshot.