Kloudless uses Postman Collections to simplify access to their unified APIs

Postmanaut working with Kloudless A P I. Illustration.


Kloudless offers Unified APIs that enable you to easily integrate several cloud services with a single implementation. Kloudless abstracts away the differences between many APIs to create one simple interface for developers.


Faster onboarding for developers

Reduced support calls

Customized tests ensure mandatory criteria are met

Headquartered in Berkeley, CA, Kloudless serves over 20,000 developers who make over 500 million API requests per month. Kloudless recently created their own Postman Collection to provide an easy and accessible means for developers to test and access their Storage and Calendar API routes.

Kloudless allows developers the ability to quickly connect their app to other business software and build powerful experiences for their users through their Unified APIs, which focus on:

  • Storage
  • Calendar
  • CRM
  • and more

A Collection of Easy Access

Kloudless Postman Collection allows developers to get up to speed and make requests to the API much faster than creating their own cURL requests.

All they need to do is:

  1. Download/Install the desktop Postman Client
  2. Download the Kloudless Postman Collection
  3. Set up their application on Kloudless
  4. Receive a Client ID from Kloudless
  5. Start developing

This process speeds lead time on configuration and onboarding, leaving time for the rigorous amount of testing Kloudless' Unified APIs generally require before implementation.

Instead of a 20-minute test session, I can prompt the user with whatever they may have left out of the request that is integral to the API call.

Chris Prochnow, Customer Success Engineer

One major benefit of testing an API like Kloudless with a Postman Collection is taking advantage of Postman's environment variables to help facilitate usage. This gives developers the ability to store different cloud storage tokens (e.g: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) for multiple accounts, which can then be switched in and out to test for an application's specific flow. Developers no longer need to handle the insertion or management of base URL, Client ID or Token ID parameters necessary to hit their desired routes thanks to cURL request generation for the 64 endpoints offered in the collection.

Given Postman's popularity among developers, Kloudless was able to provide a convenient method for new users of the platform to get started quickly through their Postman Collection.

Postman for Success

Chris Prochnow, Customer Success Engineer at Kloudless, took on the task of building out the collection. As the main line of support for prospective customers and engineers testing out the API, Chris created the Postman Collection as a means to cut down the number of troubleshooting interactions he would participate in. Specifically, the collection would "cater to developers using Kloudless that are already familiar with Postman by keeping them in an environment they are accustomed to," says Chris.

Thanks to the collection's built-in custom tests, if a user neglects to provide a necessary variable or query parameter, the built-in test can prompt them with whatever mandatory criteria they may have missed.

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