Postman Intergalactic Session 34 hero. Illustration.

Optimizing Teamwork: Harnessing Collections & Workspaces for Collaboration

Wednesday, February 21, 2024 | 8:00 a.m. (PDT)

Postman Intergalactic Session 34 hero. Illustration.

Join us for an enlightening one-hour introductory session tailored for teams eager to maximize their potential with Postman. This session will concentrate on the impact of working with Workspaces and Collections, which reshapes the dynamics of teamwork. Discover how collaboration within and across your organization can be a catalyst for increased productivity and streamlined workflows.

Here's what we'll do in this session:

  • Utilize version control for seamless team collaboration
  • Sync a Git repository as the central source of truth
  • Collaborate effortlessly with external teams through Postman's integrations
  • Share API components within workspaces, collections, and environments
  • Gain invaluable insights into team activities via the activity feed and changelog
  • Manage roles and permissions to ensure streamlined operations
  • Harness the potential of in-app comments for enhanced collaboration and clarity

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the vast potential of Postman in fostering a collaborative environment where teams thrive. Join us to learn more about efficient, cohesive, and innovative teamwork!


Pooja Mistry, Developer Advocate Postman

Pooja Mistry

Developer Advocate


Gbadebo Bello, Developer Relations Engineer Postman

Gbadebo Bello

Developer Relations Engineer


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