Are inconsistent, inaccessible APIs bottle-necking your projects? It's time to embrace API collaboration.

API collaboration brings API producers and API consumers together to build and use APIs in a shared environment—improving developer productivity and empowering teams to create higher quality APIs that generate more value for your business.

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Design, develop, discover, and distribute APIs in one place. No more siloed building.

Say goodbye to inconsistent standards, duplicate work, and limited API accessibility. Bringing your APIs into a unified system unlocks higher level of productivity and information sharing.

Improved consistency

Standardized practices and governance ensure that your APIs are discoverable, reliable, and secure.

Enhanced collaboration

Teams can work seamlessly, streamlining development and communication while reducing wasted resources.

Scalability for the future

Centralized management allows you to easily update existing APIs and manage new ones as your needs evolve.

Curious to learn more? Check out this quick video that provides an overview of Postman's Internal API Management capabilities.
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Make API collaboration not only possible, but scalable with Postman Enterprise

Establish org-wide API standards

With Postman Collections, Workspaces, and Governance rules, teams can implement org-wide best practices for API development that allow for a high-level of interoperability, reduced translation costs, and improved API security.

Make all of your internal APIs discoverable

With the Private API Network, you can establish a searchable API knowledge base where all your API producers and consumers across the org can discover, contribute to, and reuse existing API assets.

Reuse API assets to jumpstart new projects

With Postman, users can bring copies of existing APIs into their own Workspaces and start engaging with them, without affecting the source of truth, accelerating new API prototyping.

Postman v11 is here!

It's jam-packed with updates to help you collaborate on your APIs, augment yourself with AI, and more.