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APIs are everywhere. They power online retail, streaming music, navigation, and more, and they make our lives easier. But APIs do more than benefit consumers. APIs also make life easier for the people that create these applications—the teams who work in tech. And APIs do this by saving time.

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Time saved

Postman’s State of the API report surveyed over 10,000 people in the tech sector. We asked how they use APIs and what factors they prioritize in software development. Across a number of questions, time savings was a recurring theme.

This same theme emerges in independent research. Forrester Consulting has calculated that for enterprise users, in year three, the Postman API Platform reduced the number of developer hours for a release by 75%, cut outages and degradations from code errors by a 95%, and shaved 75% off of the developer onboarding period.

Need for speed

When it comes to development priorities, the tech sector values speed of development more than any other industry. Fifty-seven percent of State of the API respondents rate it a priority, compared to 52% for all sectors.

All sectors: 52%
Government: 40%
Technology: 57%
Financial services: 51%

Time is of the essence

When considering whether to produce an API, 46% of tech respondents say they weigh whether doing so will speed up development timelines. That’s more than in any other sector. The same consideration is at the top of tech’s list when deciding whether to consume an API.

All sectors: 42%
Retail: 39%
Technology: 46%
Government: 35%

Going public

Tech works with a higher percentage of public APIs than other any sector. Nineteen percent of the APIs that tech teams interact with are open on the web. This contrasts with the average of 16% figure for all sectors. Given APIs' ability to speed up the software development process, a heavier emphasis on public APIs makes sense for the tech sector.

All sectors: 16%
Financial services: 13%
Technology: 19%
Education: 18%


Knowing that an API can scale is important before deciding to integrate with it, according to 63% of respondents in tech. That’s the highest percentage of any sector, shared only by the gaming industry. An API that scales is an API that won’t require extra time to fix problems later down the road.

All sectors: 59%
Government: 51%
Financial services: 60%
Technology: 63%

Postman can help

Postman has API solutions and tools to address the tech sector’s needs.

Partner Workspaces

Collaborative features like Postman workspaces and automated testing accelerate the API development process.

Native Git

Postman’s API Builder connects to your source code repository to automatically maintain API documentation, tests, and specifications alongside code.

API Security

Postman API Security provides guidelines and rules on the same platform where developers are designing, building, testing, and deploying APIs without requiring changes to existing workflows.

Postman CLI

The new Postman CLI enables you to automate tests directly in the command line and push the results back to Postman to debug and prepare reports.