Postman VS Code extension

A lightweight solution for building and testing your APIs.

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Postman's VS Code extension brings the Postman API Platform closer to developers' workflows within VS Code—now with expanded functionality supporting collections, workspaces, environments with dynamic variables, documentation, and the Postman Console.

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Develop and test APIs faster

With Postman's VS Code extension, you can develop and test your APIs in Postman directly from VS Code to streamline your development workflow.

Work with all API technologies

Easily work with popular APIs, including gRPC, REST, SOAP, WebSockets, and GraphQL, all within VS Code and synced with Postman.

Collaborate with team members

Your history of requests and tests is synchronized across the Postman platform, ensuring everyone is collaborating on the latest schema and documentation.

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Benefits of VS Code extension

Manage collections and environments

Store a set of variables to test and document your APIs across multiple environments. Postman supports dynamic variable resolution in the code editor.

Quickly test your APIs with the Collection Runner

Leverage the Collection Runner within VS Code to run requests in a specified sequence and test API functionality in the same application you're using to develop.

Debug your APIs with the Postman Console

When an API isn't behaving as you expect it to, troubleshoot it using the Postman Console, where you can access detailed information about what happened during your requests.

Use workspaces to collaborate in VS Code

You can access all your Postman workspaces via the VS Code editor, making it easier than ever to work with your team members on API projects.

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If you'd like to try out the Postman VS Code extension, please let us know and we'll send you more information.

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