Postman VS Code extension

A lightweight solution for building and testing your APIs.

Postman VS Code extension. Illustration.

Postman's VS Code extension brings the Postman API Platform closer to developers' workflows within VS Code.

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Build and test APIs faster

Postman lets developers test their APIs as they build them.

Automate test executions

Developers can write automated tests faster. Once the tests are executed you will be notified of their status, either pass or fail.

Enjoy current documentation

Postman automatically generates documentation from your collections. While working in VS Code, you can quickly update your collections while building APIs — and be confident team members have the latest documentation.

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Benefits of VS Code extension

Collaborate on Postman within VS Code

The VS Code extension lets developers collaborate with API stakeholders from within their favorite source-code editors. Developers can maintain their preferred development context while engaging with colleagues across tools and teams.

Sync with Postman Cloud Platform

Everything is synchronized across the Postman platform to maintain the history of requests and tests, ensuring teams collaborate on the latest API schema and documentation.

Work with all API technologies

Easily work with popular APIs, including gRPC, REST, SOAP, WebSockets, and GraphQL, all within VS Code and synced with Postman.

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