August 2023 Newsletter

Over 125,000 developers have installed the Postman VS Code extension since it was unveiled this summer, and it's a featured choice on Microsoft's VS Code Marketplace. If you haven't had a chance to use the extension, which is now in early access, you may be missing out. You can build high-quality APIs right inside VS Code's IDE and streamline your workflow.

Product Updates

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Watch the Postman VS Code extension in action

Watch as the Postman team demonstrates how the VS Code extension brings API development closer to your workflow, reduces friction, and eliminates context switching. Check it out, and download the extension today.

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Generate Postman Collections from New Relic services

We're excited to announce New Relic as a data source for importing collections into your Postman workspace. This will help you bootstrap your collections fast.

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Postman Resources

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How to run a monitor with the Postman API

Did you know you can run monitors using the Postman API? Easily integrate monitor runs in your workflows, such as CI/CD tooling, your monitoring dashboards, or any other app that you use.

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5 ways to enhance the developer experience with Postman Flows

Leverage these Postman Flows tips to effectively (and easily!) convey the capabilities of your API.

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Automate API versioning with the Postman API and GitHub actions

Keeping your API's documentation up-to-date with the code takes time and effort. The Postman API provides a simpler way to manage resources, including APIs, using Github actions.

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Upcoming Events

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Testing and developing GraphQL APIs, August 23

This one-hour session will guide you through the fundamentals of using Postman as an API client to test and develop GraphQL APIs. Join Postman Developer Advocate Pooja Mistry and Developer Relations Engineer Gbadebo Bello live.

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Testing and developing gRPC APIs, September 27

Join Postman Developer Relations experts Joyce Lin and Ian Douglas live as they explore gRPC API architecture, offer a deeper understanding of gRPC and its role in microservices, and show how to use Postman to test and develop gRPC APIs.

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In Case You Missed It

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Our Basic annual plan's price is changing—renew now to save!

Just a reminder that our Basic annual plan price will soon change from $12 per user/month to $14 per user/month. This change allows us to continue bringing innovations like those in recent months, including support for GraphQL, WebSockets, and gRPC, as well as the Postman CLI. You can lock in your current price of $12 per user/month for an additional year if you renew by September 14. And if you're a free user, consider upgrading for enhanced team workflows and greater collaboration.

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