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June 2022 Newsletter

Postman is excited to announce a 2022 update to the API Platform Landscape authored by our co-founder and CEO, Abhinav Asthana. We've identified important new industry players as well as six API trends and challenges that every company should know about, including the rise of multi-cloud architecture and a shortage of API design skills. Read about all of them here.

You'll also want to check out the second season of the Breaking Changes podcast. Join Chief Evangelist Kin Lane as he talks with guests from PayPal, Goldman Sachs, Adobe, and more about the most effective approaches to APIs, including API-first. It's a chance to learn from the best.

The world's largest API survey, Postman's State of the API, should be in your inbox! We want to hear about how you work with APIs and what you see for their future. Your voice matters.

Platform Updates

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Save Time with Automatic Changelogs

Postman now automatically generates a changelog for your collections, sparing your team members and partners from the tedious task of entering it manually. It shows a chronological list of updates made to your elements along with information about who made the change and when.

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Manage Server-Level Responses on a Mock Server

Server errors are a common scenario but hard to replicate while testing. To address this, Postman now offers server-level response APIs accessible via the Postman API. These new APIs simulate error behaviors on a mock server—no need to define 5xx errors individually for all paths exposed on your mock server.

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Case Studies

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Meta Expands Access to WhatsApp APIs with Cloud APIs

WhatsApp owner Meta is opening access to its WhatsApp cloud API to reach smaller companies. Learn more about it, as well as the WhatsApp Business Platform workspace on Postman.

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Built Technologies Applies an API-First Approach

Built Technologies provides a digital platform that helps construction finance lenders and borrowers make better decisions. Read how standardizing API processes on Postman helped streamline development and improve cross-team automated testing.

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Upcoming Events

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June 29-30:

Join us virtually at apidays Dubai & Middle East. Postman's Ian Douglas will host a workshop on boosting team productivity with Postman mock API servers, as well as explain how non-developers too can embrace an API-first approach.

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July 27-28:

Apidays New York is just around the corner! This in-person event will focus on financial service APIs and feature speakers from JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and more. Postman's Pooja Mistry will share tips and tricks on getting the most out of the platform as well as recipes for API-driven workflows. Plus we'll have a Postman booth set up; stop by and see what's new.

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The Postman API Network

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Implement Role-Based Access Control with Warrant and Postman

In this tutorial, Warrant's co-founder and CEO, Aditya Kajla, explains how to quickly implement role-based access control in your SaaS or B2B application using Warrant's collection in Postman.

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Drive Search Intelligence with Query Understanding and Federation

Learn how Postman engineers strategized and worked to optimize our platform's universal search with query understanding and federation.

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Visualize a Globally Distributed Team Using Multiple APIs

One Postman employee used the Visualizer to map her teammates globally, building a collection that illustrates the breadth of Postman's distributed workforce.

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