May 2023 Newsletter

What a month! We have a ton of product updates we think you'll love.

At the top of the list is Postbot, our AI-powered assistant that will speed up API testing workflows. We've also introduced a lightweight API client that makes life easier for users looking to make quick API calls.

Plus, we've got a bevy of resources and more product updates.

Product Updates

Unveiling Postbot from behind curtain. Illustration.

Meet Postbot, Postman's AI assistant

Postbot, our new AI assistant for API workflows in Postman, can help you design better test cases for API calls and speed up your API testing workflow. Use our built-in suggestions to tell Postbot what you need, or make a custom request. See Postman Co-founder Abhijit Kane's blog post for details on how to get early access.

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Hello lightweight API client and sunsetting Scratch Pad

We're excited to launch our new lightweight API client designed for users who just want to make quick API calls through the Postman UI. At the same time, we're retiring Scratch Pad. Learn why both of these product developments are good for Postman users.

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Postman Resources

Postmanaut travel to space with AI. illustration.

How AI will impact APIs and software development

Postman CEO Abhinav Asthana explains what generative AI will mean for API debugging, testing, design, and integration. The bottom line: if your business has no APIs or poorly designed APIs, you'll be invisible to AI-powered bots, which will soon be ubiquitous in software interfaces.

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The Postman CLI vs. Newman CLI: choose the right tool

The new Postman CLI and Newman are two tools that can be used for local scripting or in CI/CD environments. Here's how to determine which best suits your needs.

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The Postman API Network

Postmanaut loading api blocks into truck. illustration.

6 tips to boost your API's profile in search results

To build API adoption, your public API must be discoverable on search engines. Here are six ways you can create search-engine-optimized content in your Postman workspaces, profiles, documentation, and more.

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Top database APIs that make working with data easy

Have you ever wanted to create an app that interacts with a database but didn't know where to start? We've got you covered with the launch of Postman's brand-new Database APIs category in the Public API Network.

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Upcoming Events

Postmanaut working on calendar. illustration.

Advanced API testing: best practices and automation techniques, May 31

This one-hour session is for API testers, developers, and other stakeholders who already know how to write and run tests in Postman. We'll take it to the next level, offering advanced testing workflows and recommended practices for testing in Postman.

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In Case You Missed It

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Making the switch: from manual API testing to automation

Many users' natural instinct is to manually debug, validate, and test their APIs. Fortunately, Postman provides several entry points to help manual testers transition and easily get started with automation.

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Why should developers care about API-first?

API architects, designers, and platform leaders are often some of the biggest proponents of API-first. But what's in it for developers? Here's an even-handed assessment of the pros and cons of API-first from a developer's perspective.

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