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Develop APIs Better with the Postman API Platform

Postman Enterprise gives teams the tools necessary to build and manage APIs at every stage of the lifecycle. More than 10 million developers and over 500,000 companies use Postman worldwide—so your dev team more than likely already knows and loves Postman.

The Postman app includes all of our out-of-the-box tools, as well as exclusive features for Enterprise customers. Postman Enterprise is designed with the needs of larger organizations in mind—including robust and integrative security measures, tailored customer support, and improved visibility.

API Collaboration


Postman Workspaces ensure teams stay organized and maintain a single source of truth throughout the entire API development lifecycle. Large enterprise teams can seamlessly collaborate in real-time across shared workspaces and collections

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Robust Security

Postman provides enterprise security controls like Single-Sign On, Dedicated IP Addresses and Audit Logs to ensure you can use Postman in a compliant and governed way. In order to make it easier for companies to understand how seriously we take security, Postman completed the Service Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type 1 audit with no exceptions, ensuring security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Postman SSO
Postman Support

Dedicated Customer Support

Postman provides world-class support and SLAs to ensure you are getting the most out of your use of the platform. Our talented account managers guide customers through Postman setup, processes, and answer any of your questions. We provide Enterprise users with priority and multi-zoned support-so customers can get the most out of Postman, quickly.

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API Reporting

Postman’s reporting features allow you to easily gain insights into your API usage. Postman has both team-level and API-level reports that allow you to track your active APIs, and visualize API request sizes and API response times across time. Now you can easily view pre-built reports within Postman to better understand your APIs.

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API Reporting
API Lifecycle Management Tools

API Lifecycle Management

Postman allows your organization to manage the end-to-end enterprise API lifecycle from inception to deprecation. Postman gives you all the tools to design, mock, debug, test, monitor, and publish your APIs, all within one platform. Now your teams can all stay on the same page across the entire API lifecycle.

Postman Features for Enterprise

Get all of the benefits of the Postman app along with additional, Enterprise-exclusive features.

SSO Postman
Postman fits in with customers' existing identity management workflow. Postman provides SAML 2.0 compliant identity provider support and works with multiple SSO providers like Okta, OneLogin, Duo, Pin Identity, ADFS, and GSuite.
API Logging
Audit Logs
Increase visibility into your developer teams by tracking activities. Audit logs list important team events like user additions, invitations, and specific actions. Enterprise users can review key activities related to billing, security settings, and team management.
Dedicated IPs for Postman
Dedicated IPs
Enterprise users can establish dedicated IP addresses for whitelisting and source logging to address security requirements for their team.
Postman API Icon
Postman API
The Postman API enables you to programmatically access data stored in your Postman account with ease. The Postman API has several endpoints to help you integrate Postman with your development toolchain.
Postman Integrations Icon
Get access to all of Postman's integrations. Our integrations directory is growing monthly - steadily bringing users the most commonly requested 3rd party integrations for even more flexible API management.
Postman Integrations Icon
API Network
The Postman API Network allows your team to discover APIs and get started with them quickly. With a directory of hundreds of APIs and a simple “Run in Postman” button, you can easily find and get started with new APIs.

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The Postman Enterprise plan is our enterprise-grade offering, with powerful tools to securely manage, organize, and accelerate large-scale API development.

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