Postman API design

Postman API design helps you define, develop, test, and monitor your APIs faster.

Postmanaut using robotics to design A P I. Illustration.

API Design Example in Postman.

Define your APIs

Define the structure of your API by creating a new schema or importing a schema


Design new API schemas in Postman to make API creation faster


Import existing API schemas in popular schema formats (Open API 1.0/2.0/3.0, RAML 0.8/1.0, GraphQL)


Generate collections automatically based on your API schema


Bi-directionally sync your API schema on Postman with your GitHub repository


Validate your API elements against your API schema

Supported schema formats


Postman supports the latest OpenAPI specification as well as Swagger 1.0/2.0.


The RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML) has become a popular choice for designing APIs.


Postman allows you to author and send GraphQL queries using the request body.

Postman's Client Interface. Diagram.

Develop your APIs

Streamline the entire API workflow around the API itself

Mock servers

Create mock servers to kick start development faster.


Write API documentation or generate it from schema


Store variables for all your different development environment


Share your APIs with other members of your team

Postman's Client Interface. Diagram.

Test your APIs

Add test suites, integration tests, and contract tests to your APIs

Test suites

Link Collections in your workspace as test suites to an API using version tagging

Test integrations

Add integration tests to check if your endpoints work as expected with other APIs and services

Test contracts

Write contract tests to ensure that your APIs are working according to their specification

Learn more about continuous testing of APIs →

Postman's Client Interface. Diagram.

Observe your APIs

Monitor, report, and analyze how your APIs are performing


Connect monitors in your workspaces with APIs.


Collect and review API reports under a single view in the Postman web dashboard.


Understand API performance, collection executions, test failures and team-level metrics.

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