Postman is a quickstart for QuickBooks Online API endpoints

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Intuit is revolutionizing the way people manage small business, personal finance, and tax software. Intuit empowers more than 50 million customers around the world with products like QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint.

From Intuit's roots with DOS software to help balance the family checkbook in 1983, they have since evolved to the web, and to the cloud and mobile. Their core stack is Java running 63 QuickBooks API endpoints used extensively by developers across the world.


Reduced the number of developer support tickets

Developers generate snippets of code in their preferred language

Developer portal documentation

The Run in Postman button is an easy way to share a Postman Collection for the QuickBooks Online APIs. The requests in the collection are initially configured to access the sandbox development environment for an immediate working prototype. Once they're ready to move on, developers can update the environment with their own authentication credentials and save them in a Postman environment template to then switch over to accessing their own development environment.

Documenting and sharing the collection has reduced the number of support tickets submitted by developers getting started with the Intuit API endpoints.

Developers don't want to read a lot of stuff. Postman Collections are the most concise format to get the information in a spot where they're expecting it to find it.

Patty Hair, Staff Technical Writer, Intuit

OAuth authentication protocols

The OAuth specification is a complicated one, and there are many variations. Postman has a set of helpers to deal with authentication protocols easily. For example, once you generate an OAuth 2.0 access token and refresh token using Postman, you can then call the QuickBooks Online APIs and access your sandbox account using your generated token.

Building an integration still takes some time, but onboarding using proper OAuth tokens has become super quick.

Manas Mukherjee, Staff Software Engineer, Intuit

Quickstart with code snippets

Intuit frequently helps developers explore and implement their API endpoints at hackathons and other workshops. Postman's code generation feature is used heavily at these kinds of events.

Developers click the Run in Postman button to launch the Intuit QuickBooks collection in the Postman app. Once they import the OAuth token, they can experiment with the QuickBooks Online API and configure their requests. Once the request has been finalized and saved, Postman allows developers to generate snippets of code in their preferred language or framework to use in their own applications.

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