Visma reduces API bug-fixing time to under 10 minutes with Postman

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Shaping the future of society through technology is Visma's vision. Bit by bit, code line by code line, API by API, Visma creates mission-critical cloud software. It is committed to simplifying and automating complex processes for society through HRM, ERP, CRM, and other software solutions.

Over one million customers—including small businesses, medium and large enterprises, and public sector organizations—are thriving with Visma. Based across the Nordics, Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America, the Visma group consists of around 200 companies and even more software delivery teams. It looks to create a more resilient society by creating critical business software that supports and empowers people.

Visma has an API-first mindset which means APIs are a priority in its objective key results (OKR) measures. The importance of APIs is two-fold: customers benefit from enhanced connectivity, and external developers use Visma APIs for integrations. Consequently, creating high-quality, self-service APIs is an absolute necessity.

With this in mind, Visma created a comprehensive API maturity assessment to vet APIs before publication. The evaluation covers multiple areas, including security, endpoint structure, and protocol choice.


50 minutes of meeting time per API team eliminated every week

Enhanced collaboration

Higher quality code

Comprehensive API testing

Postman saves time for Visma.

The Challenge

The test engineers team used API tools that were not conducive to collaboration. It was almost impossible to share tests with other team members because of licensing restrictions. Some Visma team members—a part of the ever-growing base of 30 million Postman users—were using the free version of Postman. At the same time, other Visma team members were using tools like ReadyAPI.

Throughout the week, Visma team members would meet to check through the code before sending it to production. This could take up to an hour. There were often multiple production issues that needed to be identified and solved.

The Solution

With Visma's emphasis on API-first, it was clear that a market-leading API platform that supports the entire API lifecycle was required. A development architecture board undertook an internal consultation to assess API platforms. The assessment concluded that the Postman Enterprise plan was a perfect fit.

The Postman API Platform offers a comprehensive set of tools and enables effective governance, robust security, domain capture, and more. With everyone using Postman, collaboration is now streamlined and efficient.

Postman has created a positive synergy across the organization. Collaboration is now seamless between different teams which has significantly improved our way of working.

Mili Orucevic, Chief Software Quality Engineer, Visma

It is easy to share Postman Collections, an instant improvement on the previous way of working. For example, developers from different teams were able to contribute to tests on a recent security project. To use a gaming analogy, Visma has moved from a single-player world to a multi-player one for APIs. Using collections means tests can be shared and run in minutes.

Postman is an integral part of the Visma API lifecycle, with every API having to pass Postman tests before publication.

Postman enhances collaboration for Visma.

The Outcome

One of the many positive results of adopting Postman includes the development pipeline, for one team, seeing significant enhancements. It had previously been a long, complex process that used a monolithic software architecture. Now, it is easier to complete comprehensive testing of APIs.

Postman is my platform of choice as it reduces complexity and eliminated the cumbersome elements of our development pipeline. Life is easier thanks to Postman.

Kalle Reponen, Senior Integration Architect, Visma

The code quality has improved dramatically. Time is saved as fewer bugs in the code means fewer issues need to be found and fixed in production.

Before moving to Postman, it would take up to an hour to check for bugs in a weekly meeting for teams working with APIs. Now, these same meetings take only five to ten minutes. Every week at least fifty minutes of meeting time related to API projects is saved. This has led to improvements in developer productivity, with the time saved being used to focus on innovation.

Visma's customers are now benefiting from an improved customer experience due to higher-quality code resulting in better software.

Postman is aligned with our mission of saving time and delivering high-quality software to our customers. By leveraging Postman's capabilities, we can focus on innovation.

Henri Karjalainen, Test Automation Engineer, Visma

For tests, it is easy to share test collections when an issue is found. Time is saved as there is no need to write long descriptions when communicating about issues. And for areas that use automated testing, the number of bugs being found is almost negligible.

Visma has started to leverage Postman's v10 features as it continues to make progress happen.

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