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Thu Jan 14 2021

Shift-Left Testing: What It Is and How to Achieve It

By:Guest Author

This is a guest post by Dan Martin, a freelancer and editor at TestProject. Shifting left means incorporating critical processes into a project early in the software development cycle. To adopt shift-left testing in the beginning stages, a team needs to change its mindset from the traditional ways of shift-right testing. Shift-left testing is made…

Mon Jan 11 2021

Introducing Bite-Sized Videos to Level Up Your Postman Game


When you show someone something they didn’t know about Postman, seeing their face light up makes you feel like a hero. Even minor productivity hacks can make a big difference in someone’s day-to-day life at work. Then, when that person shares these tips with their teammates, they get to be the hero too. In the…

Fri Jan 08 2021

Community Spotlight: Praveen Mathew

By:Hannah Neil

At Postman, we value all of our innovative and enthusiastic users around the globe, and we wouldn’t be able to keep improving our API platform without hearing directly from them. With our incredible community of more than 13 million developers continuing to grow, this Community Spotlight series introduces some of the stars in our Postman…

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