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Postman Blog

Mon Nov 23 2020

How to Integrate Postman with Your Private Network

By:Shashank Awasthi

At Postman, our aim is to ease your API creation, testing, and maintenance workflows. And because some workflows extend outside of Postman, integrations play an important role in supporting communication with third-party systems hosted on a private network. With the latest release of Postman, we now support a static IP address for integrations. All the…

Fri Nov 20 2020

How to Catch Breaking Changes Before They Happen

By:Guest Author

This is a guest post by Allen Helton, software engineering manager at Tyler Technologies. Learn more about Allen in our Community Spotlight blog post.   “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights.” I sat there in silence for a few seconds, waiting for the darkness around me to go away. “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights.”…

Wed Nov 18 2020

Introducing Postman Public Workspaces: The First Massively Multiplayer API Experience


We’ve been constantly improving the Postman platform based on user feedback since day one. Originally, it was a simple API testing tool, but soon many users were requesting more and more collaboration capabilities, and so we built and released them as fast as we could. And the platform now has more than 13 million developers…

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