Maximize your impact on the world. Minimize the impact on your budget.

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If your organization is a nonprofit, Postman wants to help you make the most of your mission.

In our increasingly online world, APIs are powerful tools for connection and communication. As the world’s leading API platform, Postman can simplify your API workflow so you can optimize and streamline your connections and communications. That means you can focus on what matters most: your mission.

We want to help you realize your vision for a better world, and that’s why we created the Postman for Nonprofits program: it’s 10 free Postman Business plan licenses for eligible nonprofit organizations*.

If you could benefit from Postman’s nonprofit program, we want to hear from you. Fill out the form below and we’ll get started.

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Postman for Nonprofits Checklist

  • A System Administrator - Identify a member of your staff to be your named system administrator.

  • Provide your VAT/Tax/EIN number to help us verify your nonprofit status.

  • Legal Documentation

  • Postman may require additional documentation on a case by case and country by country basis, in its sole discretion, including Certificates of NPO Registration, and other certifications or other documentation.

Who’s in the program?

Movember uses Postman to check API performance

"We use Postman to make sure our APIs' performance is within tolerance. It's more efficient, less expensive, and gives us confidence as we transition over to a new framework."

Marcus Nance, Delivery Lead, Movember

Healthwise uses Postman to share collections with the team

"Being able to easily share these Postman collections helps the team and others in the company learn the APIs."

Ben Martin, API Development, Manager, Healthwise

Eureka team counts on Postman Pro to stay in sync

"“It’s awesome being able to set the Postman environments so everyone shares the credentials. That’s been a godsend for us.”"

Todd Parsnick, Technical Manager, Eureka UCSF

Tell us about your organization

Fill out this form to apply for free Postman Business plan licenses under the Postman for Nonprofits program. Someone from the Postman team will be in contact with you once we have reviewed your application.