Postman Supernova Program

Help empower the API developer and tester community. Become a Postman ambassador and build community around the world today.

Postman Supernovas. Illustration.

What is a Postman Supernova? Illustration.

What is a Postman Supernova?

Supernovas are leaders who are passionate about APIs, testing, and creating. Contributing in a variety of ways including organizing and running meetups, sharing their knowledge at workshops and at events, Supernovas are ambassadors who are a part of Postman's community that help educate and empower others.

Our goal

Foster and grow an inclusive environment throughout the API world.

Meet the Supernovas

We have Supernovas all over the world excited to help expand the Postman community.

Supernova contributions

Learn about projects that the Supernovas have been working on.

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Can I be a Postman Supernova?

If you enjoy learning & sharing your knowledge with other developers, then you should apply to be a Postman Supernova!

Postman Supernovas must:

  • Create or share technical content via public speaking, organizing events, videos or blog posts.
  • Make quarterly contributions to the program.
  • Be active participants and leaders in a technical community.
  • Uphold Postman's core values of being curious, collaborating, experimenting and being resourceful.

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What are the benefits of being a Supernova?

Access exciting rewards and perks for being a Postman Supernova in exchange for making regular contributions to the program.

Receive recognition and shout-outs on Postman's social media accounts.

Build your professional branding, networking and speaking skills.

Give back to your community through education, inspiration, and mentorship.

Exclusive early access to new and experimental Postman features.

Opportunity to receive sponsorship and support for your hosted events.

Postman v11 is here!

It's jam-packed with updates to help you collaborate on your APIs, augment yourself with AI, and more.