Postman Supernovas

Become a Postman Supernova and help build community with other users around the world.

Postman Supernovas. Illustration.

Postman Supernovas Badge. Illustration

What is a Postman Supernova?

Postman Supernova is a designation given to a leader who brings an extra level of energy into the Postman universe. This energy can take a range of different forms, from running meetups to sharing knowledge at workshops to evangelizing Postman “on stage” at virtual events. Supernovas are not Postman employees, but are ambassadors who represent an extension of Postman's community and values. If this sounds like you, we'd like to invite you to apply to become a Postman Supernova.

What does a Supernova do?

Completes the Postman Supernova onboarding and training.

Hosts events virtually or in-person (when appropriate) focused on APIs and Postman, with the dual objectives of education and community-building.

Participates in events organized by other API/tech communities to build relationships and spread understanding and awareness of Postman.

Fosters an inclusive environment throughout the API universe.

What are the benefits of being a Supernova?

Receive sponsorship and support for your hosted events.

Build your professional branding, networking, and speaking skills.

Get shout-outs on Postman's social media and web properties.

Have the opportunity to join Postman's community advisory board.

Gain special access to Postman events.

Give back to your community through education, inspiration, and mentorship.